Mar. 13th; Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?

Happy Monday morning, WABBLES family! While some of us are on Spring Break this week, it certainly doesn’t feel like spring due to these unseasonably frosty temperatures. That silly groundhog might have been right when he saw his shadow back in February… six more weeks of winter for us it seems, as we continue our […]

Cool and Rainy Days Ahead

Hey folks, pull out a coat or a good book because we have cool and rainy days ahead.  Soggy Today and Tomorrow Today and tomorrow will feature highs near a chilly 60 and rain. Showers, mist, and light rain are likely today while heavier rain is likely tomorrow. All this rain is due the combination […]

Wonderful Weekend Ahead Before Rain Next Week

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday to all of you! I hope your week was wonderful, and that your weekend will be refreshing and relaxing. We are looking at a wonderful weekend ahead before rain next week! Late Spring or Mid Summer? Folks, it is nice out there. Did you get outside yesterday and feel the air? […]

Another Cool Day, Warming Into Weekend

Another April Day in the 50’s, Really? Remember the mid-70’s yesterday, south-central Kentucky?  They said goodbye with last night’s cold front, and we are starting this morning in the low 40’s across our region.  With cloudy skies into this afternoon, temperatures will only reach the mid-50’s leaving us with another cool day, warming into weekend. […]

Cold Cloudy Week Start, Warm Up Tuesday

Unwelcome Return to Spring Chill We are back to the low 50’s, south-central Kentucky–an unwelcome return for sure.  Expect the significant rain to end by noon.  A cold front passed through our region last night after dropping some rain and our temperatures which will provide us a cold cloudy week start, warm up Tuesday. Rain […]

Late April Frost Would be Right on Schedule

A chilly night is expected across Kentucky overnight as low temperatures will dip into the upper 30s. With these temperatures, patchy frost will be possible tonight with the greatest chance of frost in rural locations and cooler valleys. Bowling Green has not seen a temperature reading in the 30s since April 5. If frost were […]

The Online Weather World Needs To Chill Out

It seems like every year the weather of the world becomes much more volatile. Is this entirely accurate or is this just the consequence of hyperbole in the weather community? Here at Wx Or Not we always strive to produce material that is factual and never exaggerated. However, it is becoming much apparent that other […]

An Explanation of Wind Chill

We’ve all been hearing the term “wind chill” lately, but what does that really mean? Our bodies naturally produce heat. However, when the conditions turn cold, our body’s heat escapes us and is absorbed by the surrounding air. The surrounding air will create a nice, thin layer of warmth on the surface of our skin. […]