Raindrops and Rays!! Welcome Spring 24 Mar

Good morning WABBLES community!! Spring is upon us bringing along warmer temperatures while closing the door on our Winter season. Umbrellas and raincoats will be needed today with showers in the forecast. This wet friday will lead to a weekend of wonderfull weather for outdoor activites.

Nice day for a swim (GPIHY)

Raindrop Friday

Rain Showers aren’t the only thing possible in the forecast today!!! WABBLES will be under a slight risk (possible enchanced for a few western areas) for severe weather. With rain showers expected today, the possiblity of high winds for area the main focus of the day along with rain amounts.

Convective Outlook Map (SPC)

We will see temperatures reach the mid to upper 60s today with winds coming out of the south. Keep your phones and umbrellas ready for all weather updates as we continue through our Friday. Plenty of clouds in the forecast for WABBLES as well.

Temperature map of the U.S. (pivotal_weather)

Calming Evening

Our rain chances remain the same as we progress through our Friday evening. Temperatures will fall slighty staying in the mid to low 60s across WABBLES. Clouds still present with a strong southern wind as gusts of up to 27mph possible for the evening.

Potiental Precipation map (WPC)

Rays and Warm Temps in the forecast

After our stormy weekend start, our chances for raindrops fall as the chances for sunshine and rays increase. Saturday, we’ll see sunny to partly cloudy skies. High upper 60s. Low mid 40s with a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Sunday, sunny with high in upper 60s. Sunday evening, partly cloudy with a 20% chance of a shower, low mid 40s

Catch rays and spin (GPIHY)