Mar. 20th; Bitter Cold Temps Early This Week

Happy Monday morning, people of WABBLES! With only 11 more days to go before April begins, these bitter cold temperatures are certainly making it hard to enjoy early Spring. While the subsequent break in wild and dangerous weather is much appreciated, I know many of you are more concerned with just how long this crazy […]

Mar. 13th; Frosty Conditions Return, Possible Snow Showers?

Happy Monday morning, WABBLES family! While some of us are on Spring Break this week, it certainly doesn’t feel like spring due to these unseasonably frosty temperatures. That silly groundhog might have been right when he saw his shadow back in February… six more weeks of winter for us it seems, as we continue our […]

Mar. 6th; Much Calmer and Warmer Monday Ahead

Good Monday morning, friends all across WABBLES! I think we’ll all be relieved to hear that today— as well as the rest of this week— is looking much calmer than the last few we’ve had. We’ve certainly been through the wringer weather-wise lately, with everything from damaging high winds to severe storm threats. But it […]

Feb. 27th; Windy, Messy Monday Morning

Happy Monday, folks of WABBLES! With another week comes another forecast, and yet another windy, rainy day. But have no fear; the Weather or Not Bowling Green crew is here to break it all down for you as we enter into a very busy period of weather ahead! Today’s Forecast Today’s main weather story revolves […]

Feb. 19th; President’s Day Showers Ahead

Happy Monday morning, folks of WABBLES! On this delightful President’s Day, we’ve got some interesting weather to discuss before the week starts in full. While we’ll have some chances of precipitation coming up soon, we aren’t expecting anything as extreme as our storms from last week. So sit back, relax, and take a load off […]

Feb. 4th; Warmer Temps Return, Calm Weather Ahead

Happy weekend, WABBLES folks! We’ve been put through the wringer here recently, so you’ll all be delighted to hear that warmer temps are on their way as we enter into a much quieter period of weather. Spotty rain chances are expected to return by midweek, but compared to the icy mess earlier this week, a […]

Feb. 1st; Lingering Chill, Icy Beginning to February

Happy February, WABBLES! On this beautiful Wednesday morning, we’re ringing the month in with icy conditions and a lingering chill that’ll follow us into the weekend. It’s pretty messy out there folks, so you’re gonna want to take it slow and steady this morning. Grab that coffee, start defrosting the car, and listen up as […]

Jan. 30th; Potential Ice Storm Brings Travel Troubles

Good Monday morning, WABBLES squad! We’ve got quite the week of wild weather ahead, including the potential for an ice storm through the middle of the week, so listen up. This wintry precip is no joke, and is a lot more serious than your run-of-the-mill snowstorm. You’re gonna want to pay attention to this one, […]

Jan. 12th; Stormy Morning, Massive Cooldown Tonight

Good morning, WABBLES folks! We’ve got a lot to talk about today, starting with the storms currently on their way into the area. But the winter chill on the backside of this system is not to be ignored, as once the rain moves out this afternoon, it’s time to break out the heavy jackets and […]

Jan. 10th; Showers Likely Later In The Week

Good morning, folks and folkettes of WABBLES! On this lovely Tuesday, our weather discussion revolves around potential rain showers likely later in the week as well as the ensuing cooldown. We’ve been lucky to experience more comfortable temperatures after last month’s arctic blast, but it’ll soon feel like winter again once these showers move out… […]