Dense Fog Gives Way To a Beautiful Weekend

Good morning south central Kentucky! Early risers could be treated to reduced visibility before this morning’s dense fog gives way to a beautiful weekend. Dense and Freezing Fog Possible until 9 a.m. With temperatures dipping into the upper 20’s this morning, the dense, freezing fog that formed could also coat bridges and overpasses with a slick […]

Warm, With A Chance Of Severe Storms?

Real-time Radar: Today: Partly to mostly cloudy, with warm temps. Highs around 64ºF. Tonight: Clouds increasing, with a low of 60ºF. Well, today actually looks to be the nicest day of my forecast period. Partly to mostly cloudy skies and mid 60s; in December? I will take that in a heartbeat! Of course I am at the […]

Breaking: Heat Relief Is On The Way

Real-time radar: Today: Partly cloudy and hot. Highs near 90ºF. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 71ºF. Welcome back to reality, everyone. I hope the Labor day weekend was awesome, fun and safe for everyone. I was able to experience some awesome weather in north Georgia over the weekend. Here, the weather looks as […]