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Real-time Observation for Bowling Green, KY

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Fall Teaser Moving Out This Weekend

Today 8/28 – Sunny & Perfect! – High 86/Tonight – Mostly clear – Low 68

Good morning, Bowling Green! This week has been fantastic and it looks to pretty great for the majority of the weekend. An upper-level trough has created this beautiful fall-like weather and it is gradually moving off to the east. Expect temperatures to start to warm-up as surface high pressure moves eastward and winds become more southerly throughout the weekend.

Surface pressure valid 7am Friday (owxdata)

Today, however, we don’t have to worry about much warm, humid air as high temperatures reach the mid 80s and dew points stay below 70. This is making me so excited for fall, but we still have some time before it arrives.

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Me waiting for Fall. (giphy.com)

Saturday 8/29 – Sunny – High 88/Saturday Night – Cloudy; chance of scat’d showers – Low 70

Saturday will be a little more humid than today as winds turn southerly on the preceding edge of the low pressure systems in the plains.

Surface analysis valid 7am Saturday (NOAA)

High temperatures shouldn’t reach 90 degrees, so you can at least be thankful for that. Dew points could be in the 70s which will make it feel a bit muggy outside.

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As the low pressure system moves closer overnight on Saturday, our chances for scattered showers and storms will increase, but not much precipitation is expected.

Simulated radar valid 10pm Saturday (owxdata)

Sunday 8/30 – Mostly Cloudy; scat’d showers & storms – High 85/Sunday Night – Cloudy; scat’d showers and storms – Low 68

Rain chances are not outstanding for Sunday, however they cannot be ruled out. Models suggest we will see our highest chances of showers in the morning and evening hours. Otherwise, it will likely be a mostly cloudy day.

Cloud cover will keep the high temperature in the mid 80s, but expect a warm-up to follow for the early work week. It’s possible we will see some 90 degree weather creep back into the forecast for next week.

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Exactly how I feel. (giphy.com)

Have a great weekend and be sure to check @WxOrNotBG soon for more updates!

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Warmer Temperatures on the Way

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:

Today – Sunny – High 82˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 61˚

Howdy, Bowling Green! I hope everyone is having a great week, especially with all this beautiful weather we’ve had! Our luck hasn’t run out yet because today looks to be another beautiful day! Highs will make it to the low 80’s, which is only slightly warmer than yesterday, under very sunny skies. So, basically, it’s perfection!

Forecast of Fronts/Pressure and Weather valid Thu 18Z

WPC Surface Map via NOAA, Valid 1 PM

This evening is going to be super awesome with lows around 60 under mostly clear skies. Get outside and enjoy this super-duper fantastic night!

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Friday – Sunny – High 86˚ / Friday Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 69˚

Unfortunately, temperatures are starting to ramp up for your Friday with highs in the mid-80’s under sunny skies. The reason? The upper level trough that has brought us these pretty sweet temperatures has moved east, creating a zonal flow in the upper atmosphere. This zonal flow, or west to east movement, will cause temperatures to be noticeably higher starting today.

Forecast of Fronts/Pressure and Weather valid Fri 12Z

WPC Surface Map via NOAA, Valid 7 AM

For the evening, temperatures look to be much higher than previous days with lows in the upper 60’s under partly cloudy skies. The humidity also looks to be ramping up as we head into the weekend.

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Saturday – Mostly Sunny – High 88˚ / Saturday Night – Slight T-storm chance; Mostly Cloudy – Low 71˚

So, sad news, temperatures and humidity have risen again. Highs will be in the upper 80’s under mostly sunny skies, and lows for the evening will be in the lower 70’s under mostly cloudy skies. Now, there is a slight chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms during the evening hours, so bring an umbrella if you go out. Ugh. Where are those beautiful skies and awesome temperatures we had a few days ago?

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I know, I know. I miss the nice weather too. But don’t give up hope! If we stand together, we can defeat the heat and eventually have pleasant temperatures again! Yeah! Okay, that’s enough silliness for one post. Y’all have a fantastic rest of the week!

Remember to stay in touch with @WxOrNotBG, @wkuCHAOS, and @WarrenCountyWx for the latest real-time weather info. Have a wonderful day!

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Pleasant Weather Continues for Bowling Green

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar:

Today, 8/26 – Sunny and Pleasant! – High 80˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 58˚

Good Wednesday morning, Bowling Green! You can’t beat the beautiful weather we’ve had the past few days – the students here at WKU have definitely lucked out with their first two days on the Hill.

giphy (55)

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A cold front, northwest winds aloft, and high pressure at the surface have all contributed to the extremely pleasant weather conditions and below-normal temperatures for Bowling Green. Tuesday, we hit a high temperature of 79° and a low of 53° – compared to the normal values of 88° and 65°, respectively.

These weather conditions will continue today, with temperatures around 80° and sunny skies! I know students – like myself – are definitely thankful they’re not sweating walking to class, like we usually are this time in August. A light jacket may be needed at the bus stop in the morning, but will soon be forgotten by lunch!

Wednesday Highs

NAM Temperatures, Valid 4 PM Wednesday, via NOAA

Temperatures tonight will drop down into the upper-50s under mostly clear skies.

Thursday, 8/27 – Sunny – High 82˚ / Thursday Night – Mostly Clear – Low 58˚

Thursday will be another beautiful day… Any surprise there? Guess I can’t really complain while writing this forecast. Sunny skies are in store, along with a few degree difference from Wednesday – nothing drastic. Highs will hit the low-80s by the afternoon, which is still several degrees below average.

7 AM Thursday

WPC Surface Map, Valid 7 PM Thursday, via NOAA

We’re looking at a pretty identical night Thursday with lows in the upper-50s and mostly clear skies.

Friday 8/28 – Mostly Sunny – High 85˚ / Friday Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 65˚

Like all good things, the mild weather must come to an end. Beginning Friday, the upper-level trough (dip in the jet stream) that has brought us cooler-than-normal temperatures will shift eastward, causing the flow in the atmosphere to be zonal, or move from west to east.

Because of this, we’ll begin to see a sensible change in the temperature Friday and into the weekend. Sunny skies should prevail on Friday, with increased humidity and cloud cover over the weekend. Lows Friday night will remain in the mid-60s.

Saturday Temps

WPC High Temperatures, Valid Saturday, via NOAA

So if you’re loving the weather this week, be sure to get out and enjoy it the next few days! A return to the upper-80s will be in full swing this weekend.

As always, stay in touch with @WxOrNotBG , @wkuCHAOS, and @WarrenCountyWx for the latest real-time weather info. Have a great day!