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Real-time Observation for Bowling Green, KY

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Rain is a comin’!

Real-time Bowling Green radar:

Today: Partly cloudy, with a high of 45ºF. Lights winds from the east-southeast. Tonight: Increasing clouds, with a low of 34ºF. Winds become southerly.

WPC forecast for 6 am Sunday. h/t WPC

WPC forecast for 6 am Sunday. h/t WPC

Well, today is our sort of in between day, so to say. It has been cloudy for what feels like all of December, and it actually looks like we will be seeing some sunshine today! We’ll start today off in the upper 20s as skies will have cleared overnight, allowing temps to drop pretty far. This will give way to mostly sunny skies as we move into the day, and are influenced by an exiting high pressure system.

I would recommend enjoying this day, because changes are on the way…

h/t reactiongifs.com

h/t reactiongifs.com

After we see partly cloudy (albeit, increasing clouds throughout the day) skies and temps rising into the mid 40s, we will the beginnings of a more significant influx of moisture across the area beginning Sunday night. This will lead to thicker cloud cover as winds and atmospheric flow begins to shift to a southerly flow. Temps should drop into the mid 30s at the lowest because of the cloud cover, and may actually begin to rise late into Sunday night as the southerly flow increases. There may be an isolated shower or two, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Monday, 12/22: Partly to mostly cloudy skies, with some isolated showers. High of 57ºF. Mon. night: Cloudy skies, with rain entering the region. Low of 48ºF. 

WPC forecast for 6 am Monday. h/t WPC

WPC forecast for 6 am Monday. h/t WPC

This is the day things really begin to get crazy. While Santa is still up north working on gathering the gifts and things, he will likely already be watching how this weather system will begin to develop to our north on Monday. As the atmosphere becomes more amplified, we will enter into southerly flow at the surface, and deeper southwesterly flow within the lower layers of the atmosphere.

With likely breaks in the clouds, this leads me to believe that temperatures are likely going to top out in the mid to upper 50s as we get into the afternoon. As moisture increases across the area, look for isolated light showers, but nothing too big. This is all out ahead of a developing low pressure system across the northern Plains.

As we move into Monday night, we will see rain begin to enter the region ahead of this low, and this will help to keep temps up overnight (in addition to the clouds). Lows shouldn’t drop further than the mid 40s, but will likely end up in the upper 40s, with winds increasing in strength as the night goes on.

Tuesday, 12/23: Rain chances increasing, and fairly windy. High of 61ºF. Tues. night: Rain and isolated thunder with low of 52ºF.

 This will likely be the more active day this week. The low pressure system will begin to take on a duel-low characteristic, and new low pressure system will begin to intensify to our south. This will further intensify southerly flow across the area, and I think will warm temps above what guidance is showing now. However, it will be cloudy and rainy, which is a waste.

h/t reactiongifs.com

Because of the dynamics that this system will bring with it, we will likely be able to get some isolated thunderstorms within this system. Some heavier rain is looking likely as we head into the night as we see a major increase in moisture with this southerly low pressure system.

Forecast reflectivity for 6 PM Tuesday evening. h/t wxbell.com

Forecast NAM reflectivity for 6 PM Tuesday evening. h/t wxbell.com

The wind fields look fairly decent, so if we can get a storm to tap those, there could be some isolated damaging winds. This system is gonna be really fun to watch from a meteorological standpoint!

Well, thats all I have for you! I hope that the day goes well for all. Go and follow @WxOrNotBG and @WarrenCountyWX on Twitter for the latest and quickest weather info for Bowling Green!

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Rain on the Way

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:

Today – Partly Sunny– High 42º / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 28º

6am 28º – 9am 34º – 12pm 39º – 3pm 42º – 6pm 36º

The sun will pop out behind the clouds during the morning hours. Clouds will move back in this afternoon ahead of the approaching rain showers Saturday night.

NWS Surface Map this Morning

Sunday – Mostly Sunny– High 47º / Sun Night – Slight Chance for Rain – Low 38º

Rain will move through during the early morning hours, however the clouds will move out later in the morning. High temperatures will top out in the upper 40’s with mostly sunny skies! Another great NFL Sunday!


Monday – Chance for Showers– High 54º / Mon Night – Slight Chance for Rain – Low 48º

Monday will be much warmer than here recently. Unfortunately, it will be rather cloudy. A few peaks of sun may come through, especially to our east. Moderate to heavy rain will move into the region Monday evening.

NAM Simulated Reflectivity Monday Night

NAM Simulated Reflectivity Monday Night

That’s it for this morning! Be sure to stay up to date with all your real time Bowling Green weather info@WxOrNotBG and @WarrenCountyWX on twitter.

Wintry weather is possible Christmas Week. Follow the latest updates from the blog to help with your travel plans.

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Friday Evening Bowling Green Weather Update

Tonight – Scat’d Rain/Snow Showers – Low 30˚

6pm 37˚ – 9am 35˚ – 12am 33˚ – 3am 32˚ – 6am 30˚

A well advertised disturbance has developed to our southwest, and is steadily creeping eastward across the Gulf States.

As this system continues a east/northeast track, it will bring the opportunity for scat’d rain and/or snow showers to our area.  The following HiRes NAM model loops every hour from 7-11pm tonight.  Notice the precip shield tracking northeast across south central Kentucky, as the freeze line (blue, 540 line) drops to our south.

HiRes NAM 1000-500mb Thickness valid 7-11pm

HiRes NAM 1000-500mb Thickness valid 7-11pm

DON’T FRET.  This system doesn’t look to be carrying too much of a punch, if anything at all.  The latest guidance continues to keep a lot of us dry.

With that being said, don’t be surprised if you see some flakes fly tonight.  Who knows, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll catch a brief, sparse dusting.  The chance at a nice snow continues to allude us…

*Snow lovers collective reaction*

Sat – Partly Sunny – High 45˚ / Sat Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 30˚

Nothing much to see here.  The system will quickly move eastward as we get into Saturday.  We look to be under a mix of sun and clouds, with southerly winds taking highs into mid 40s.

Should the clouds move out sooner…we may even see 50˚.

Sun – Sunny – Partly Sunny – High 53˚ / Sun Night – Iso’d Showers – Low 39˚

Thanks to an upper ridge working across the Ohio Valley, Sunday’s weather looks to be a swell.  Plentiful amounts of sunshine will coincide with light winds out of the south, escorting highs into the mid 50s.

I recommend taking advantage of these warm days.  The long term pattern looks to be active, and is steadily trending toward a cooler outlook.

⇒ cue dark, suspenseful drama music…

I’ve received questions regarding the potential for a white Christmas, but I won’t dive into anything just yet.  As of this moment, the potential does exists, however, it’s not too exciting.  We’ll await more data over the next day or two before we start mentioning any specifics.

That’s all for the evening update, friends.  We’ll be back bright and early around 6am tomorrow morning with a fresh post on the latest forecast.  Until then, you can keep up with more frequent information at @WxOrNotBG and @WarrenCountyWx.  Have a great weekend.  Stay safe!