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Real-time Observation for Bowling Green, KY

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Warm, Humid and Stormy

Real-time BG Radar:

Today: Partly cloudy, with a high of 93ºF. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. Lows around 74ºF.

Man, what a great weekend that was! It was sunny all weekend, and it felt good outside. It was the perfect weekend to head outdoors and enjoy the gifts of nature!

I hope you got to climb a rock! h/t giphy.com

I hope you got to climb a rock! h/t giphy.com

However: today is Monday.

h/t mashable.com

h/t mashable.com

Even though it is the worst day of the week, it’s looking pretty nice weatherwise. Still being mainly under the influence of high pressure, out weather weather is looking warm and humid. Temperatures during the afternoon hours will likely reach the lower 90s for almost all of us, with dewpoints hitting the 70s.

h/t COD Weather

h/t COD Weather

This will create a mega uncomfortable atmosphere to really do anything in, so it might be pretty good that you are at work! Hit another cup of coffee by 2 pm, and you’ll be good to go!

h/t Mashable.com

h/t Mashable.com

Towards the evening, we may see a batch of dying high clouds moving across the region, but no rain is really expected. As we head into the overnight hours, much of the same is expected, with lows falling into the mid 70s.

Tomorrow: Partly sunny, with isolated to scattered storms. Highs around 91ºF. Tomorrow night: Mostly cloudy, with rain chances increasing later. Lows around 75ºF.

Your Tuesday definitely isn’t looking as good as today is, but it is still looking pretty decent out there.

h/t giphy.com

h/t giphy.com

With a low pressure system beginning to sag southward, we will be on the periphery of the ridge to our west. This provides opportunities for weak weather system to roll into the region and spark up some isolated storms, and cloud cover. Well, there looks to be some weaker batches doing this during the day on Tuesday.

h/t COD Weather

h/t COD Weather

Because of an increase in cloud cover during the day, I am only expecting highs to reach the upper 80s and lower 90s. I don’t think that rain chances are great everywhere, but I do believe that some will receive rain.

Overnight, a weak shortwave will move eastward across the lower Ohio valley. This will spark rain chances overnight, and will keep things cloudy for the most part.

h/t COD Weather

h/t COD Weather

Temps will fall into the mid 70s for lows.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, with scattered storms increasing in the afternoon. High of 89ºF. Wed. night: Cloudy, with showers and storms. Low of 75ºF.

Well, Wednesday looks to be a fairly interesting weather day across the region. A fairly mean shortwave is forecasted to beginning carving out a stronger surface low out to our west, beginning midday Wednesday, and continuing on into Thursday.

h'/t COD Weather

h’/t COD Weather

This will create an ideal scenario for clouds and rain to prevail across the region. While skies won’t be overcast, I do believe we’ll be in and out of clouds and showers for the better part of Wednesday, especially in the afternoon and evening.

h/t COD Weather

h/t COD Weather

This will keep highs in the upper 80s at the most, and that will help create an environment favorable for storms in the afternoon.

Overnight, the low looks like it will begin to get fairly wrapped up across our region, leading to some heavier rainfall threats moving across the region. Skies will be mostly cloudy, keeping temps in the mid 70s.

Thursday & Friday: Storms on Thursday; becoming clearer Friday. Highs in the mid 80s. Lows in the mid 60s.

The details on Thursday and Friday are a bit tricky right now, as the way the mid week low pressure system develops will have a large impact on how these couple days pan out. What I do see is cooler temps both days, but Thursday looks like there could be some storms, and the dynamics seem supportive of some severe weather. IF we were able to destabilize enough on Thursday, that would be a threat. Friday looks clearer as the low moves to our east. Highs will be in the mid and upper 80s both days, with lows falling into the mid 60s.

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More beautiful weather for the weekend!

Today 7/31 – Mostly Sunny – High 88/Tonight – Clear skies – Low 68

Good Morning and Happy Friday! You can thank the lingering high pressure system for the lower humidity and clear skies over the area for the next few days. The high temperature today will be in the upper 80s and some areas could hit 90 degrees, however dew points in the low 60s will make it feel super nice out.

Surface pressure valid Friday 4pm (owxdata)

Skies will remain mostly clear of clouds into tonight and temperatures should drop to about 68-70 degrees. Don’t want this weather to end? Neither do I. Good news is the entire weekend is going to be beautiful!

excited animated GIF

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Saturday 8/1 – Mostly Sunny – High 88/Saturday Night – Clear skies – Low 68

This forecast is pretty basic with sunshine and clear skies for most of the period. Once again the high temperature looks to be in the upper 80s for the region on Saturday with dew points in the low 60s.

nice animated GIF

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Saturday night will also have mostly clear skies with low temperatures dropping just under 70 degrees.

Nighttime temperatures valid Saturday around midnight (owxdata)

Sunday 8/2 – Mostly Sunny – High 90/Sunday Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 72

Gee, this looks familiar. Expect the weather to remain mostly the same for the entire weekend since this high pressure system doesn’t look like it is going to move out anytime soon. High temperatures should remain between 85-90 degrees, dew points between 60-65 degrees, and skies will be mostly sunny!

Pasquale D'Silva animated GIF

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It is definitely the perfect weekend to make outdoor plans. Have a good one!

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Nice Weather Ahead for Bowling Green

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar:

Today, 7/30 – Becoming Mostly Sunny- High 89˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 66˚

Good Thursday morning, Bowling Green! I have a pretty nice job this morning, as our forecast looks a lot friendlier than what the atmosphere has been dishing out the last few days.

The cold front that passed through last night not only brought strong storms to Bowling Green, but it has taken the humidity away with it! Say goodbye to 78˚ dew points!

Thursday 7AM

WPC Surface Map, Valid 7AM Thursday, via NOAA

Winds from the north will prevent the atmosphere from becoming so terribly humid – we’re talking dew points in the low to mid-60s with high temperatures in the upper-80s. Not too shabby for the end of July!

As for the sky conditions, we may start out a bit cloudier in the morning, but we’ll soon become mostly sunny for our Thursday. In comparison to the soup we’ve been calling “air” the last few days, today’s weather conditions look much more favorable!

giphy (47)

via giphy.com

Tonight, skies will remain mostly clear, allowing lows to drop into the mid-60s.

Friday, 7/31 – Sunny – High 89˚ / Friday Night – Mostly Clear – Low 68˚

Friday – the last day of July – looks just as nice as low humidity values continue to grace us with their presence. High pressure will be hanging around the region for the next several days, keeping us dry and sunny!

Friday 7PM

WPC Surface Map, Valid 7PM Friday, via NOAA

Not seeing a real big difference in conditions Friday, so expect temperatures to be similar to Thursday’s. Skies will be sunny, with light to minimal wind from the north. Definitely not a bad end to the week or the month of July!

A weak front will be moving in late Friday night and into early Saturday, but our area looks to remain dry, with the majority of the precipitation staying out of Kentucky completely. Skies Friday night will be mostly clear with temperatures in the upper-60s.

Saturday, 8/1 – Mostly Sunny – High 88˚ / Saturday Night – Mostly Clear – Low 67˚

Saturday marks the first day of August, and a nice one it will be. There’s no real need to reiterate what I’ve been saying throughout this post, but our weekend looks very enjoyable! While temperatures will be in the upper-80s, the sun will be shining and dew points will be reasonable. The average high temperature for Bowling Green this time of year is 90˚, so we’re not far from the norm.

The only real difference from Friday is that winds (behind the weak front) will pick up from the northwest, allowing us a bit of a breeze on Saturday. Other than that, we’re looking at a repeat forecast.

No rain is in the cards for Bowling Green over the next several days, so be sure to get out and enjoy your weekend! I know I will.

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via giphy.com

As always, stay in touch with @WxOrNotBG , @wkuCHAOS, and @WarrenCountyWx for the latest real-time weather info. Have a great day!