Happy Tuesday Morning to everyone out there across WABBLES. I hope everyone is enjoying the quiet and mild weather because there is more of it on the way.

This Forecast Calls for Relaxation (Giphy)

The Week Ahead

High pressure will dominate the WABBLES region once again this week with rain chances staying to the west of the state. So, that means plenty of sun with a few instances of clouds mixed in.

WPC Frontal Chart

Temperatures this week will remain fairly mild topping out in the lower 80s the latter half of the week. Low temperatures will remain chilly around 60 this week around WABBLES.

A Beautiful Forecast NWS LMK

Long Range Temperature Outlooks

Looking a bit into the longer range forecast, temperatures are expected to hover just a bit above average in the 8-14 day timeframe. All things considered, this shouldn’t be anything worth worrying about.

CPC Temperature Outlook

When we talk about above average temperatures, what are those numbers? For Bowling Green, the average temperature in September is 71 degrees, so temps can be expected to be a bit above that.

BG Temperature Normals NWS LMK

That will be all for now folks! I hope everyone continues to enjoy the quiet weather around WABBLES. As always, please visit our social media accounts @wxornotBG for the latest in the weather around WABBLES.