Happy Tuesday to all out there across WABBLES! After the heatwave last week, we finally have some relief and an overall quiet week ahead.

Relaxing Tom And Jerry GIF by Max

A Whole Lot of Sun

The main forecast for this week can be summed up with one word, sun. High pressure will be building more and more throughout the week keeping the weather quiet around WABBLES.

WPC Frontal Chart Showing Plenty of High Pressure

The biggest downside with this forecast is that it comes with increasing temps throughout the week. This weekend the temps will peak close to, if not at 90.

These Temperatures Throughout the Week aren’t the Greatest (Pivotal Weather)

Although that isn’t nearly as bad as last week, it still won’t be pleasant.

More HEat on the Way

I have more bad news to everyone around WABBLES, the CPC is eyeing a large part of the country, including WABBLES, in a risk for above average temps in the 6-10 day timeframe.

More Heat, Unfortunately CPC

The extent of this incoming heat is still a bit fuzzy, but either way it likely won’t be pleasant at all.

Tropical Storm Idalia

Moving to some weather news outside of WABBLES, a tropical storm has formed in the gulf and is heading towards the eastern Gulf of Mexico. This is expected to become a major hurricane by early Wednesday Morning.

Hurricane Warnings out for Florida NHC

By time it is expected to make landfall in western Florida, it is expected to weaken to a category 1 or 2 hurricane. Keep the folks in Florida in your thoughts as they hunker down for this storm.

Hurricane Categories Explained NWS

That will be all for this blog post friends! I hope everyone enjoys the quiet weather this week and that the heat stays mild. As always, I encourage everyone to follow us on our social media sites, @wxornotBG, for the latest.

Have a blessed day.