More Beautiful Weather on the Way

Happy Thursday folks! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and are ready for more beautiful weather. High pressure is our friend here to give us plenty of sun. Is Their Ever Too Much Sun? A cold front is moving through the region this morning, but no impactful weather is expected with […]

Rain and Sun

Good Morning folks! I hope everyone had a great start to the week yesterday and are ready for a pleasant forecast. To summarize, we will see a day of rain chances followed by plenty of sun around WABBLES. More Rain Today will feature a pretty common spring to summer occurrence, sun with scattered puffy clouds […]

May 22nd; Perfect Sunny Monday to Start the Week

Good Monday morning, WABBLES and company! We hope you enjoyed the weekend, because the weather here in southcentral Kentucky is about to get even better. Near-perfect late spring conditions are in the forecast for the rest of our week, with sun and heat dominating the headlines through Friday. Let’s break it all down together in […]

More Scattered Storms

Good Thursday Morning my friends! I hop everyone has had a great week so far. After a quiet day yesterday, we have more scattered rain and storms in the forecast for WABBLES. Today Today is a pretty simple forecast and remains similar to the more summerlike pattern we have been seeing. Scattered showers and storms […]

Strong to Severe Storms Possible

Good morning my friends! I hope everyone is doing well this week so far and are enjoying getting that much closer to summer. As far as weather is concerned, we have the usual pattern of scattered storms with the exception of some potentially strong to severe storms possible today. Severe Chances So, diving right into […]

May 15th; Pop-Up Springtime Showers Early This Week

Happy Monday, WABBLES gang! Our brand-new week brings with it brand-new chances for showers and storms as we approach the middle of the month. The sticky summer-like heat will serve as fuel for sporadic rain showers and the occasional thunderstorm as they work their way across our region through early Wednesday morning. But how badly […]

A Taste of Summer

Good morning to all those across WABBLES! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and that everyone is ready for the taste of summer to continue. A Lull in the Action Starting this forecast, we will talk about the introduction of high pressure coming in from the north. This will keep any […]

May 8th; Showers and Thunderstorms to Start the Week

Good Monday morning, WABBLES! We are still locked into a bit of a stormy pattern as we start the week off here in southcentral Kentucky. Showers and thunderstorms are on the menu for most of us today as May’s traditional severe weather season kicks off in earnest. But how long will they last? And what […]

More Sun on the Way

Good Morning to everyone out there across WABBLES! I am bringing you your daily weather update that thankfully has more sun in the forecast. So, for those of you reading this that are students (including me), at least we will have another few days of sun while we suffer through finals. Sunshine Ahead So, today […]

May 1st; New Month, New Pattern; Clear Skies for Finals!

Happy First of May, WABBLES peeps! As we enter into this new month, a new weather pattern follows; with no significant storm systems expected in the near future, our WKU friends should expect some perfectly clear, sunny skies for finals week. And for our non-student audience, we’re sure that you’ll be able to enjoy this […]