Good Monday morning, WABBLES, and happy solar eclipse day for everyone planning to turn their eyes to the skies this afternoon! But for those who aren’t as interested, you’ll want to get out there and enjoy the day regardless, as today will likely be our last with dry weather and sweet sunshine for the next several days. Showers and storms return to the forecast tomorrow and linger through Friday, so don’t take today for granted! Will we get a good view of the eclipse here in WABBLES? And how much rain are we expecting to see this week? We’re going through it together, in today’s weather blog!

Partly Cloudy and Warm for the Solar Eclipse
Get those glasses on if you’re planning on peeking at the sun today, y’all! (GIPHY)

Today’s Eclipse Forecast

We’re once again enjoying comfortable highs in the mid-70s today following several chillier-than-average days last week! We’ll stay partly cloudy and a bit breezy through sundown, when our rainshowers are expected to move in. But what about the eclipse? Well, even though we’re not quite in the path of totality here in WABBLES, we’re close enough that you’ll get a neat view of it beginning around 1:00 PM today. Maximum totality for our area will occur around 2:00 PM, where only a tiny sliver of the sun will be visible, so if you’re planning on stargazing this afternoon, keep your fingers crossed that our partial cloud cover lightens up just a bit!

(And send us any cool photos you take on Twitter, just for science!)

Partly Cloudy and Warm for the Solar Eclipse
Here’s what maximum totality will look like in the WABBLES region. Not completely covered, but still pretty dang cool! (Time and Date)

Rain Returns Tuesday…

Unfortunately, after all the fun and games this afternoon, we’ll see showers and storms re-enter WABBLES late tonight and early Tuesday morning due to an incredibly slow cold front passing through Southern Kentucky. Highs will dip back into the mid-60s over the next three days as a consistent stream of moisture pumps into the WABBLES region from the south, with no real breaks until early Friday morning. None of the precipitation we’ll see is currently expected to be severe, but continued heavy rainfall can cause problems with flooding in low-lying areas… god forbid we mention the famous Fairview Plaza.

Partly Cloudy and Warm for the Solar Eclipse
Watch this steady stream of showers linger in WABBLES for the next four days! (PivotalWeather)

The Climate Prediction Center’s QPF forecast through the beginning of this weekend shows that some of us might see rainfall totals nearing four inches by Saturday due to this pesky low pressure system. In case you didn’t know, that’s a lot of rain! If you know you live or work in a low-lying area that deals with flooding quite frequently, be prepared to take extra caution as you go throughout your business this week. Never drive through a flooded road, because water depth is impossible to judge and can sweep away cars without any difficulty. Don’t walk into floodwaters either, as there’s no telling what may be lurking underneath the surface!

Partly Cloudy and Warm for the Solar Eclipse
Look at all of that rain! (PivotalWeather)

That’s about all we have for you today, WABBLES! Please be safe and have a wonderful Monday, especially if you have any big plans to view the eclipse, whether you’re traveling or just staying close to home. And definitely send us any cool eclipse photos you get while you’re out and about, because we love seeing fellow WABBLErs taking part in neat events like this! Tag us in your eclipse posts on Twitter and we’ll retweet them throughout the day, just because we find this stuff pretty dang cool. Other than that, have a great day, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

Partly Cloudy and Warm for the Solar Eclipse
Later! (GIPHY)