Good Monday morning, WABBLES! We’re on the warming trend again this week as our region recovers from the cold blast that pushed in over the weekend. Sunshine and blue skies will dominate over the next several days, but we’ll also see another chance at precipitation before the weekend arrives. How warm will we get? And when will we see more rain push into WABBLES? We’re going over it together here, in today’s weather blog!

Early Week Warm-Up Underway
Welcome back, our good friend Sun! (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

Warmth returns to WABBLES today, as high temperatures are expected to hit the mid-50s today after the shock of cold air that moved in on Saturday. We’ll still dip down to just around the freezing mark after sundown this evening, as we are still entering early Spring, but as long as we all remember to keep the heat on overnight, we’ll be fine. With no precipitation or other disturbances on the docket today, it’s looking to be a great Monday for outdoor activities! Get out there and enjoy the sun if you can, folks, before it’s all gone!

Watch those warmer temperatures push into Southern Kentucky from the south over the next two days! (PivotalWeather)

What About the Rest of the Week?

Good question! I had mentioned earlier that we’re not expecting all the sunshine and fair skies to last forever, and that’s definitely still true. In fact, we’re watching a potential system that will likely bring showers and thunderstorms into the WABBLES region beginning late Wednesday night and lasting through most of the day on Thursday. Because we’re still several days out from this event, we don’t have an excellent handle on what hazards may be present with this system at this time, but we do think that the possibility is there to hear some rumbles of thunder Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Here’s the best look we have at the incoming system right now. (PivotalWeather)

Though we’re expecting a pretty relaxed week weather-wise, make sure to stay aware by keeping up with our blogs here on the WXornotBG site and by giving us a follow on the Twitter page, where we like to post pretty consistent daily updates! If the forecast were to change for any given reason, we’ll absolutely let you know on one of our various social media sites. But other than the warmth and potential wet weather we’ve already outlined, that’s all we’ve got for you today, WABBLES! Please take care out there and be safe, and we’ll see you back here Wednesday for another edition of the weather blog!

See you Wednesday! (GIPHY)