Good Monday morning, WABBLES! We are cloudy, cool, and mostly dry this week, ending our January on a much calmer note than when it began. Temperatures in the greater WABBLES area will be the coldest today than they are all week, with some to our west seeing light snow showers in areas that hover around the freezing mark today. But we are otherwise drying out for the first time following several days of continuous rain, which is a great thing! How long does the rain stay out of our hair? And will temperatures recover as we go into February? We’ll go over it together in today’s weather blog!

Cloudy Week is Cool to Close Out January
Cloudy but calm on this fair Monday! (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

We’re starting off this Monday with a pretty thick cloud ceiling and a light northwest breeze that will drive our wind chill values down several degrees before the afternoon arrives. Cooler air and high pressure has pushed in behind the last wave of precipitation that made its way through the WABBLES area, and we’ll be slowly recovering some of the warmth we experienced last week as we go through the end of the month. Temperatures will top out at around the low-40s this afternoon as the cloud cover breaks up enough to allow in some sunshine before nightfall, which will bring our lows into the low-30s tonight.

Cloudy Week is Cool to Close Out January
Though we’ll be cool today, temperatures will recover above the average as we go into February! (PivotalWeather)

Cloudy and Dry for the Rest of the Week?

You got it! Aside from some possible showers moving through the region tomorrow afternoon, we’re largely dry and remain cloudy for the rest of this week. A smaller cold front is poised to push through WABBLES on Tuesday afternoon, which will set back some of our progress on warming up, but by the start of February, we’ll be seeing high temperatures much closer to the mid-50s instead of the low-40s.

Cloudy Week is Cool to Close Out January
Take a peek at that small wave of mixed precipitation to our north on Tuesday! (PivotalWeather)

Keep an eye out for some light rainfall Tuesday afternoon and you’ll be prepared for all the weather has to offer this week! In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the WXornotBG Twitter page to get all our latest forecast updates, and check in on Wednesday for the next installment of our weather blog. If you’ve seen any light snow showers this morning, feel free to send them over to us; we love getting field reports from our fellow WABBLERS! Until Wednesday, take care and stay safe!

Cloudy Week is Cool to Close Out January
See ya! (GIPHY)