Good Monday morning, WABBLES crew! We’re in for a mild and comfortable Monday to begin what for many folks is the last academic week of the Fall semester! As finals kick off in earnest today for our WKU friends, a passing mid-latitude cyclone will keep us dry and a little breezy through this evening. When will colder temperatures return? And are we expecting any precipitation anytime soon? We’ll dig into it all together, in today’s weather blog!

Mild Monday to Begin December
A little hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s so warm outside… (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

That wintery chill we’re so used to expecting this time of year isn’t exactly on the menu this Monday, though a mid-week cooldown is expected to limit how much time we spend with our much milder mid-50s temperatures. In fact, most of WABBLES can expect to see high temperatures topping out around 54 degrees today, only dipping down into the upper-30s after sundown this evening. Spotty cloud cover will move in over the course of the day, and some light breezy winds will linger through Tuesday morning.

Mild Monday to Begin December
Freezing temperatures stay largely to our north through tomorrow afternoon. (PivotalWeather)

Staying Mild and Dry?

Not necessarily. A dip in the jet stream to our north and some chillier temperatures will attempt to push closer into WABBLES on Tuesday night, giving us the opportunity to see some light, spotty showers into the evening and early morning hours on Wednesday. We aren’t expecting any measurable rain with these showers, but some of us might see more than others, so we won’t exactly be totally dry. Despite the small disturbance, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming of mild mid-50s, cloudless, clear skies, and no precipitation in sight once the cold front passes through, lasting at least through the end of the week!

Mild Monday to Begin December
A small low pressure system causing trouble for our northern neighbors… (PivotalWeather)

That’s about all we have for you today, WABBLES! Though I’m sure some of us are excited for December and all the fun holiday excitement it typically brings, it seems we’ll be waiting a little bit longer for the weather to catch up to our expectations. But we’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date as it does, with daily blogs here on the website and frequent posts on our Twitter page! Until next time, stay safe out there, and enjoy your Monday folks!

Mild Monday to Begin December
See you tomorrow! (GIPHY)