Good Monday morning, WABBLES folks! We’re starting off the week strong with a pleasantly sunny and temperate fall day, preceded by some cooler temperatures early. We’ll see a lot more of these cooler days that grow warmer in the afternoon as we head deeper into October and into the start of November, so it’s safe to say that our fall pattern of fluctuating feels-like conditions is in full swing. We’ll dive into today’s complete forecast and this week’s futurecast together in today’s weather blog!

Chilly Start to A Pleasant Fall Monday
Definitely feels like a Monday out there, that’s for sure! (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

Though we’ll be pretty chilly to begin our Monday, temperatures will quickly recover to hit the mid-70s by the afternoon thanks to the ample sunshine we’ll see throughout the day. Little-to-no cloud cover will warm us up and keep it comfortable through sundown tonight, when we’ll dip back down into the mid-50s for lows this evening. An expansive region of high pressure currently stretched across the entire eastern US will ward off any potential for precipitation for at least the next several days, so overall we’re expecting a very pleasant and dry start to our week off right here in the WABBLES region!

Chilly Start to A Pleasant Fall Monday
Watch those temps recover and then fall back to the 50s over the day! (PivotalWeather)

When Do We Start to See a Change?

Good question! Luckily, we’ll stay in this particular pattern through about Thursday night into Friday morning, when we get our next chance at seeing some precipitation. But overall, the GFS is still trying to decide when we’ll see our next big frontal system push through the WABBLES area. Our best estimate right now for a strong cold frontal passage is some time at the very end of the month into early November; however, since that’s quite a ways out at the moment, it’s definitely more of a best guess than anything concrete.

Chilly Start to A Pleasant Fall Monday
Watch those darker colors creep in from the west around the end of the month. (PivotalWeather)

If the models keep signaling a similar progression over the next several days we’ll have a little more to talk about in terms of impacts, but for now, just enjoy the sun and fair weather while it lasts! This weekend will be interwoven with some spotty shower opportunities, so if you’ve been meaning to start getting up to some fall-typical activities before Halloween, now’s your chance. Until then, we’ll be here each morning to keep you updated on the latest, through both the blog and the updates coming to you through the Twitter page! Thanks so much for stopping in, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Chilly Start to A Pleasant Fall Monday
See you then! (GIPHY)