Good Monday morning, WABBLES family! We are chilly with a side of drizzle to start off our week here in Southern Kentucky, so if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bring those jackets out of the closet, today is definitely your day. The cold front that pushed through our region several days ago has made its exit, and all we’ve got left behind are some pretty darn cool temperatures and a slight chance of precipitation over the course of the day. We’ll dive into it all together in today’s weather blog!

Chilly Drizzle Keeps Monday Cool
Keep an eye out for some drizzle today! (GIPHY)

Today’s Forecast

Though some drizzle will be possible this morning, most of our precipitation chances will end up fizzling out by this afternoon as that subtle wave of moisture out of the north moves out of the region and dissipates rather quickly. The main story will be just how chilly our temperatures stay as a result of the cloud cover left behind; we’re expecting temps in just the high-50s by this afternoon, and they’ll drop down to lows of around the mid-40s after sundown tonight.

Watch as that light rain moves into the WABBLES region over the course of the morning. (PivotalWeather)

After we’re clear of any light rain showers, we’ll stay overcast through the evening hours and a bit breezier than normal, with winds out of the north funneling that cooler air back down into WABBLES. Definitely weather you might not want to wear shorts and a t-shirt in, so time to break out those thick hoodies and comfy zip-ups!

Any More Drizzle in the Forecast?

Right now, not necessarily! Though we’ll likely see the return of some rain by the end of this week due to yet another frontal system working its way into our area, these light showers with little-to-no actual quantifiable rainfall are here for the morning and won’t stick around for long. In fact, over the next 6-to-10 days, we’re expected to be a little drier than is typical for this time of year in Southern Kentucky! The Climate Prediction Center has been kind enough to point that out for us using the following graphic, although it’s likely that we see more precipitation over the next several weeks as we slip into a proper fall season weather pattern.

Chilly Drizzle Keeps Monday Cool
We’re just slightly drier than average in the WABBLES region over the next week or so, says the CPC. (PivotalWeather)

Outside of that light drizzle expected early today and some more rain opportunities by Thursday, we’re hoping for a calmer week here in WABBLES, starting with our Monday. We’ll be keeping you updated here on the blog and over on our Twitter page, so don’t let the weather catch you by surprise as we really properly dive into fall! No matter what, our team here at WXornotBG is here to keep your forecast accurate and understandable so that you are always prepared for what Mother Nature might bring. Until tomorrow folks, we’ll see you later!

Chilly Drizzle Keeps Monday Cool
Later taters! (GIPHY)