Happy Wednesday my friends! I hope everyone across WABBLES has been enjoying the wonderful weather this week. Warmth continues with rain chances at the end of the week with cooler temperatures for next week.

Warmth Continues
The Weather Chicken is Loving this Weather

Current Conditions

A quick look at current satellite shows plenty of clear skies over southern Kentucky with clouds building to the north. I would expect these clouds to gradually increase through the afternoon into the overnight.

GOES 16 Sat. Image

Rest of the Week

Today and tomorrow will be very uneventful with regards to the weather. Highs will be in the low 60s as the warmth continues with quiet weather, thanks to high pressure, making for a wonderful time to be outside.

WPC Frontal Chart Thursday

Friday and into the Sunday-Monday timeframe will be full of rain chances for WABBLES. That’s right, our wonderful streak of sunshine is coming to an end. Warmth continues with highs maintaining in the low 60s through this time with the exception of Sunday with highs closer to 50.

Model Future Radar for Upcoming Rain Chances (Tropical Tidbits)

As far as rainfall totals go, we should be looking at around an inch spread out across several days. So, flooding shouldn’t be a huge concern with this.

Model Rainfall Totals (Pivotal Weather)

Next Week

We might see some additional rainfall chances towards the end of next week, but we will definitely be seeing some cooler temperatures compared to this week. Highs should remain in the upper 40s to around 50 through the week, right around average.

Model Temperature Outlook (Weathermodels.com)

That will be all for today folks! I hope everyone enjoys this week as the warmth continues, even with the rain chances. As always, I encourage everyone to visit us at our socials @wxornotBG for the latest.

Have a blessed day!