Happy Wednesday my friends, a look into our forecast over the next week we don’t have any impactful weather chances. What we will be experiencing, however, is some unseasonable warmth.

Unseasonable Warmth
WABBLES The Weather Chicken is Enjoying the Weather.

Near Term

Perhaps the most exciting event this week around WABBLES will be the sun making more appearances. We will still have a lot of clouds to deal with at times, but we will also see a good amount of sun with unseasonable warmth.

NWS Forecast
WPC Frontal Chart this Week

Our good old friend high pressure is what will be keeping us nice and weather free for the near future. This will also give us a nice break from the rain.

Long Term Unseasonable Warmth

Looking at temperature patterns going into the first half of February for WABBLES, it doesn’t seem to look like there will be any serious signs of winter. The MJO model sets up shop in phase 7 for most of the first half of the month.


The MJO phase 7 during February in an El Nino results in a warmer pattern, which certainly looks to be the case.

MJO phase 7 Temperature Composite

There is a chance we could see a sliver of phase 8 of the MJO around mid month before it retreats inside the unit circle and its influence on weather patterns becomes minimal. If we can get that sliver of phase 8, we may get a brief bout of cold air that lasts a few days.

MJO phase 8 Temperature Composite

As of now, the CPC has a large swath of above average temperatures to occur in the 6-10 day timeframe.

6-10 Day CPC Temperature Outlook

The 8-14 day temperature outlook is very similar with a large swath of above average temperatures for most of the country, so unseasonable warmth is here to stay.

8-14 Day CPC Temperature Outlook

That will be all for today folks! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and enjoys the nice weather. for the latest updates on upcoming weather, follow us on our socials @wxornotBG.

Have a blessed day!