Good morning and another Happy Thursday WABBLES! Today will be nice and sunny with light winds, but tonight is when things will really start to pick up. Tomorrow expect things ro become increasingly worse for the WABBLES area wind and rain wise.


Today Into Tonight

Today begins calm and peaceful with nice sunny skies and temperatures nearing the low 50’s with light winds near 7mph through a majority of the day. Cloud cover will begin to increase in the middle of the night near midnight with rain chances also increasing around then.

Cloud cover near midnight. (Pivotal Weather)

The majority of the precipitation potential will arrive in the early morning of Friday, meaning most of you guys don’t have to worry about your rain gear today!

No rain round here! (GIPHY)


6am tomorrow is when things start to look gloomy, with a low pressure system putting a severe threat over WABBLES for wind. Winds tomorrow could reach near 35 miles per hour, with gusts reaching into 50’s! With this and rain combined, it’s best to think about something besides an umbrella so you don’t go flying away!

Wind threat for tomorrow (SPC)
Rain aproaching WABBLES in the early morning (Pivotal Weather)

These conditions will remain until nighttime running into Saturday, where cloud cover will begin to decrease Saturday.

Clear/Calm Weekend

After this strong frontal system, temperatures will be drastically falling into freezing temperatures, but just clear skies until Sunday. Sunday will start off cold and slightly sunny as well, but we may expect some snowfall finally for the area! Snowfall will continue into Monday as well, and ironically give returning WKU students a snowy return from break!

Temperatures near 13 degrees arriving Sunday morning (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today WABBLES! Don’t forget your rain gear tomorrow and your warm gear coming Sunday as well. As always, don’t forget to follow our social media for weather updates and coverage. Have a great Thursday, WABBLES.