Good morning and another Happy Thursday to everyone out there reading in WABBLES today. I hope everyone has enjoyed the start of 2024 so far, with the calm and cold (ish) weather lately. We can expect these conditions to maintain today and tomorrow, with worse weather to approach on the weekend…

Wishing the rest of 2024 to be as calm as today (GIPHY)

Cool, Calm, Collected Thursday

Cooler than Ken with double shades on (GIPHY)

High pressure dominates over the WABBLES region, bringing in less clouds and more stability, with a fresh and crisp 28 degrees to start the morning out. Sun shining through the small cloud cover will allow there to be slight heating, with highs today reaching into the lower 40’s around 2pm. With a slight breeze, a wind chill feeling like the mid 20’s will linger, thus bringing that Ken-like cool over us.

High pressure over WABBLES and most of the Midwest/Ohio Valley (WPC)

Friday Begins The COuntdown For Weather

Friday will begin much like today, with only a bit more cloud coverage in store and slightly higher low’s in the morning of just 30 degrees. Throughout the day however, rain chances will begin to increase, with the largest amount occurring in the middle of the night/early Saturday morning.

Friday night rain chances within WABBLES and other regions (Pivotal Weather)

Saturday is when things will really continue in the morning, an then once again later at night. Relative humidity values illustrate the moisture that will be within the environment supporting more rainfall on Saturday. Aside from the morning and late evening, the afternoon will mainly just be pretty cloudy with a light breeze.

Relative humidity values on Saturday for WABBLES (Pivotal Weather)

A Return To Peace

Sunday everything will return back to “normal,” with mostly sunny skies and a temperature range from 30-45. These two days of rain will be quick and breezy, right back to us college folk enjoying out winter break. However, it is best to enjoy it while it lasts because it won’t be long before yet another system nect week swoops in the change it again… High pressure will make Sunday a lovely day for runners, churchgoers, and just anyone who enjoys a pretty day.

Sunday high pressure before anohter system (WPC)

That’s all for today everyone! I hope again everyone had a great New Year’s, and that everyone is living up to their resolution so far. As always, don’t forget to follow our social media for weather updates and more! Also happy spaghetti day!