Good morning and a Happy Thursday to everyone out there in WABBLES, and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We finally have some snow in store for us, so all of you winter season folks are in for a treat!

Snow!!!! (GIPHY)

Snow Chances Begin Today

Today will be nice and sunny with temperatures at a mere 40 degrees, until nighttime begins to fall. Tonight is when the chances begin for a wintry mix to enter WABBLES. A low pressure system will bring a bit of unstability needed for these conditions to appear.

Low pressure apporaching WABBLES (WPC)

These conditions will really begin to pick up Friday moving into the weekend. However, don’t expect much snow, as the amount anticipated will be rather small..

Weekend Precipitation

Friday rain will begin to arrive, and eventually turn into a wintry mix brining us the snow much anticipated.

Wintry mix arriving Friday morning (Pivotal Weather)

While the chances are upped on Friday for snow, sadly a majority will not stick and it will be in rather small increments of less than an inch of precipitation. I hope no one was anticipating on building a snowman!

QPF for Friday (WPC)
Sorry, no snowmen today kids (GIPHY)

Remaining Weekend Forecast

Aside from Friday, Saturday night better weather returns along with a bright and SUNny SUNday. Just in time for a perfect entry into 2024! Your New Year’s eve forecast has sunny skies and temps reaching into the lower 50’s in the day, and a crisp 27 degrees in the nighttime, so it is definitely wise to bundle up if shooting fireworks outside Sunday night.

Happy (chilly) New Year! (GIPHY)

That’s all for today WABBLES! Enjoy the few snow flurries headed our way, and I hope everyone has a happy new year and great start to 2024! As always, don’t forget to follow our social media pages for more updates and more.