Good morning and Happy Thursday to all of you in WABBLES. I hope everyone is enjoying December so far, and the students enjoying their winter break. A cold day ahead with rain chances starting Friday night and raising into the Saturday, so bring those coats and umbrellas!

Yes, I said cold AND rainy. Whoop whoop! (GIPHY)

CHilly Day Ahead

Starting today out with a crisp 38 degrees, temperatures will continue to rise until just about the lower 50’s, with sunshine bringing a slight bit of heat to the table. However, most of the sky will be relatively cloudy, not leaving much room for the heat to crank up too much.

Temperatures reaching mear 51-53 in the WABBLES region (Pivotal Weather)

Tonight temperatures will drop back down into the 30’s, with cloud coverage actually increasing to nearly overcast, really locking in those temperatures overnight.

Cloud cover 100% over WABBLES (Pivotal Weather)

Starting The Weekend Off Cold And Strong

Tomorrow will be much like today, with low and high temperatures roughly near the same increments, but unlike today, will be much sunnier. Winds will pick up slightly compared today, being at a light 5 miles per hour. However, Friday night moving into Saturday is when things really start to ramp up. A low pressure system will begin to bring rain to areas of Western Kentucky (us inlcluded).

Low pressure pushing from the West (WPC)

It should be noted that this is NOT a cold front, and is only bringing rain rather than the typical coldness afterwards associated with it. In comparison, temperatures wil actually be relatively warm after Saturday due to high pressure taking over without the cold front, allowing warm air advection to cover the area. Sorry to those who wanted a White Christmas, it’s going to be very warm for December.

Warmer temps on Saturday with rain (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today everyone! It has been pretty calm around here, and we can just expect some rain to be impacting us in the near future, as well as a rainy holiday. I hope everyone has a great holiday no matter which one it is, and as always, don’t forget to follow our social media for more information and weather updates.

Bye! Happy holidays! (GIPHY)