Good morning those of you all in WABBLES, and another Happy Thursday as well. I hope all of the students out there have been enjoying their winter break (I know I sure have). Today will certainly be a calm beautiful day, and continuing ’til another low pressure system comes through to bring us rough weather again.

Me excited for more cold weather (GIPHY)

Beautiful Day

Today there’s not much to ramble about, considering it will be absolutely wonderful. Aside from what consider to be “cold” temperatures, sun beaming down on all of WABBLES will make up for the ambient temps and create a nice feeling. Winds are also very calm, making it less likely for any real cold temperatures to actually be felt.

Clear skies over all of Kentucky and WABBLES (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatires will only reach about 54 degrees today which is still pretty warm for winter, and with relatively light winds and the warm sun shining, it should feel pretty warm for this time around.

Warren county reaching to 54 degrees (Pivotal Weather)

Rain Chances Arriving Friday Into Saturday

In the middle of the night Friday into Saturday we should expect more chances fo rain showers to begin appearing. A low-pressure system approaching will bring much needed conditions of precipitation to the area and pour onto WABBLES. The largest chances will be in the afternoon Saturday, and linger on for quite some time.

Rain entering WABBLES in the afternoon Saturday (Pivotal Weather)

Rain will continue throughout all of Sunday, with cloud cover remaining over WABBLES as well, making it fairly hard for a large temperature difference to occur throughout the day. Highs this day will only reach into the upper 40’s and lows within the upper 30’s due to rain and cloudy skies.

Rain with low pressure system (WPC)
WABBLES within the 40’s (Pivotal Weather)

Better Days

Monday is when things will finally start clearing up, but with this said, bring much coler temperatures than we have been experiencing. This frontal system will make low’s in the area dip down into the 20’s! While sunny skies will bring the sun’s much needed warmth, we will finally experience the real winter temps.

Temperatures Tuesday will really bring the cold on! (Pivotal Weather)

That’s the lookout for now everyone! As you can see, it would be wise to start bundling up here soon, as mother nature begins to bring on the “real winter” as we approach the holidays. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow all of our social media for weather updates, weather coverage, and more.

Have a calm and great rest of your day! (GIPHY)