Good morning WABBLES and welcome to another washout weekend forecast. For the students of our region, winter break is upon us so we can finally put down the books for once. Unfortunately, for our region it looks like we will be see plenty of rain over the weekend. Quite a few events are going on around town and we will keep you updated as it rains on our parade. Keep those umbrellas ready, your weekend starts now. 


It be like that sometimes. (GIPHY)


Fortunately for us the washout weekend will not affect our Friday this weekend. Increasing clouds for our morning commute as traffic may be heavy for the fall graduation taking place at Western. Highs for our region will be in the 60s with a breezy southern wind. We will be heading into the afternoon hours with mostly cloudy skies with some potential wind gusts from the southern wind. Lows will be in the 50s with the eastern part of region seeing showers around midnight for the evening hours with a 50% chance of precipitation.

Plenty of rain heading our way (WPC)

Washout Saturday

Raincoats and umbrellas will be needed for today as showers and thunderstorms continue into Saturday. Cloudy skies all day with highs in the 60s along with a 90% chance of precipitation. Breezy southern winds with gusts up to 25mph will keep us company as we head through the gloomy Saturday. More rain on the way for our Saturday as the southern winds calm throughout the afternoon. Cloudy and rainy for our evening hours with the southern winds shifting to the northwest. Our lows will be in the 30s with total rainfall today potentially reaching 2 inches. 

Rain risk for us. Drive safely out there (WPC)


Keep those umbrellas handy as washout conditions remain with us for another day. 60% chance of precipitation with mostly cloudy skies will follow with a significant drop in temperatures. Highs will hover in the 40s as the chances of rain start to diminish as we head through the day. We will be close to the edge of a marginal risk (1/5) so be prepared for a thunderstorm or two. Rain chances and cloud cover decrease as we head into the overnight hours leaving us with partly cloudy skies along with chilly lows in the 20s. 

Rain over the next few days could pose a problem with lows below freezing (WPC)

This concludes the washout weekend forecast for the region. Congratulations to the fall class of 2023 for all your achievements. Drive safely this weekend with incoming rain as roads can be slick along with ponding in low spots. Do not let the rain take away your weekend fun. It is the perfect weather for hot chocolate and soup as it is moving into the usual temperature range for this month. Enjoy your weekend and remember, Stay classy WABBLES. Until next time. 

I may have bought the wrong marshmallows. (GIPHY)