Good morning and another Happy Thursday to all those in WABBLES. I hope those students out there have had a great finals week so far, and glad to say the weather for the FINAL days of the week will be fair. Sadly as our break starts Saturday, so will rain as well.

How we feel about our WABBLES community! (GIPHY)

Chilly Start To The Morning

Starting the morning off with temperatures within the early 30’s to kick off another bright and sunny day! Small areas of clouds will begin to clear as the sun rises, making way for more sunshine and eligible for heat to begin kicking in and arriving into the upper 50’s near 3pm.

Starting the day off roughly near 34 degrees (Pivotal Weather)

High pressure over the Ohio Valley including the WABBLES region is continuing to bring fair weather into Friday until the middle of the night Friday/Saturday.

High pressure region (WPC)

Saturday Rain SHowers

Late Friday night and leading into Saturday rain showers will begin to pop up into WABBLES. These showers will remain overall consistent, with only a few breaks here and there.

First batch of storms coming around 9pm Friday night and continuing till Saturday. (Pivotal Weather)

With Saturday being rainy all day, temperatures won’t change drastically from the night before, staying near the mid 60’s and finally Saturday night becoming much cooler into the upper 30’s. Sunday is when the stronger batch of storms heads our way…

Sunday Continuing Storms

A line of intense rain showers will be pushing through Sunday ahead of yet another cold front, continuing on the rain streak since Friday night. However, most of these will be early morning meaning the rain will begin to clear out midday and in the afternoon.

Front bringing rain (WPC)

Sadly skies will remain pretty cloudy until Monday, when even colder temperatures will begin to take place again.

Cloud cover lingering on Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today WABBLES! Good luck on the rest of finals week and don’t forget to follow our social media for updates, weather stories, and more. Keep an eye of for our merch shop for drops on T-Shirts too!

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