Good morning and happy first of December WABBLES! To kick things off this month we got some rain throughout a majority of this weekend, and some relatively mild temps before we begin to see any chances of a white Christmas.

Me with finals week coming up (GIPHY)

Wet Start To The Morning

A low pressure system has been bringing ongoing rain since last night and into this Friday morning. This frontal system will bring rain until roughly around noon, where sky cover will be the biggest feature, and humidity will linger. Winds will also be a bit breezy, with speeds reaching to about 15mph.

Frontal system pushing rain into Kentucky (WPC)

The rest of the day will be relatively quiet, with temperatures maintaining the same due to large amounts of cloud cover. Saturday is when things will begin to kick off again.

Rain leaving WABBLES around 11am (Pivotal Weather)

Saturday Shower Chances

Another low pressure system will be bringing more rain chances for the area Saturday. Cloud cover will have remained from today, keeping overcast skies as well as the temperatures nearly the same as today.

Overcast skies for Saturday (Pivotal Weather)
Humidity shoen in raised dew points (Pivotal Weather)

Yet again another issue will be humidity, so for us curly haired folks, don’t forget that anti frizz hair serum!

Me walking outside tomorrow (GIPHY)

Saturday in the middle of the night is when we’ll begin to see the ending of the rain showers and finally see some clearing on Sunday.

Better Days

Things will finally start to look up for us on Sunday, with dew points dropping and skies finally clearing all the clouds into the morning. The last of the rain chances will have occurred early Sunday morning, roughly around 3am, with clouds beginning to clear around 8 am. Now that the low pressure will have passed, temperatures will begin to drop again into the night, with low’s back into the 30’s.

Clouds decreasing from 8-9am Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today everyone! I hope everyone has a great start to their December, and good luck to those having their finals next week as well. Don’t forget to follow our other social media for weather updates, and check out our store for some awesome merch!

Us holiday people beginning our shenanigans (GIPHY)