Good morning WABBLES and welcome to another pre-weekend forecast. It has been chilly during our morning hours, but sunny skies have given us comfortable afternoons. It is going to be even warmer this Thursday and will break down how warm it will be for our region. However, we are not in the clear as showers are expected to move into our area. See what Mother Nature has in store for us today. 


I’m not built for cold weather. (GIPHY)

Chilly Morning

Our morning will be another chilly one with lows in the 30s for our region. Make sure you have a sweater or wind breaker hand for a light southern breeze that will increase in speed throughout the day. Few clouds in our sunny skies. No rain in sight for us yet but that will change so enjoy the morning. 

Chilly start for us but warm temps are on the way (Pivotal_WX)

Sunny to Cloudy

The cloud presence increases during our midday and lunch breaks. Southern winds increase to 9-14 mph with the occasional wind gust up to 20 mph. Partly cloudy skies for our afternoon with highs in 60s for the commute home. Another nice and quiet day until we get into the overnight hours. 

system moves east towards our region to bring rain and cooler temps. (WPC)

Chill evening. Late showers.

As more clouds move, most of the region will experience partly cloudy skies with overcast spots in some areas. Temperatures drop into the 40s for the region with the strong southern wind making its presence known with gusts up to 30 mph. A few showers starting in our area before midnight as more showers will move into the region. Making the start of the weekend not so sunny. 

First glance at our weekend weather (WPC)

That concludes our Thursday forecast. The weekend is at our doorstep but be prepared for cold temperatures, warm temperatures, sunny skies, and rain to end the day. Be prepared for anything as we ride the weather rollercoaster. Enjoy your day and drive safely. Until next time, Stay classy WABBLES

Looks like something that will happen to me this weekend. (GIPHY)