Good morning WABBLES and welcome to our post-Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Temperatures take another dive as we inch closer to December along with the final days for everyone at school. Luckily, for us, the weekend will still be relaxing with some rain chances towards the end of our extended weekend. Get ready to add another warming layer, your weekend continues now.  


It might take some time for some of us to get up. (GIPHY)


For our Black Friday shoppers, you do not have to worry about the weather as much as fellow shoppers today so take a relaxing breather. Skies will be cloudy but will clear up as we progress through the day. We will see some sunshine today with highs in the 50s with light winds coming out of the north. Winds will come out of the northeast at 5-9mph as we head into the afternoon hours and well into our overnight. Ending Friday with lows in around 30 and a mostly clear night sky. 

Calm for our region with snow chances to our west (WPC)


Don’t worry tailgaters, we might not have another home guy but, you can have another relaxing day at home. Clouds increase as we as our Saturday starts cool and calm. Lights winds continue to come out of the Northeast with highs in the 50s. Our skies will be mostly cloudy as the day progresses. A light southern wind with clouds will keep us slightly warmer than the previous night but our lows will remain in the 30s. 

High Pressure dominates the U.S. with a system remaining active in the west. (WPC)


Tranquil weather continues with the addition of showers for a relaxing Sunday. Cloudy skies with highs in the 50s as our shower chances increase after 7am for our region. 60% chance of precipitation throughout the day with showers decreasing as we head in the overnight hours. Skies remaining cloudy with lows hovering around 30 end our extended holiday weekend. 

system from the west moves into our region to bring us a few showers and cool us down. (WPC)

That concludes our forecast for the back half of the extended holiday weekend. Seems like everything is set to keep the relaxing times going for now as the holiday season continues to ramp up. Hopefully, everyone has safely traveled to and from home as all eyes turn to Christmas and the upcoming winter. Enjoy yourselves and don’t let the holidays overwhelm you, fellow weather chickens. Until next time, stay classy WABBLES

Prepare yourselves!! (GIPHY)