Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving to all those reading and in the WABBLES community! Today we have perfect weather with sunny skies just in time for our Thanksgiving gatherings with family. Better yet, nice weather will continue on into the weekend for the rest of the break.

My Thanksgiving pants (GIPHY)

Thanksgiving Day

Temperatures starting out the day will be in the mid 30’s, with some overnight clouds clearing up as well. Around 8am is when temperatures will start to gradually increase, but we can’t expect the “warmest” temperatures of the day to appear until the afternoon. Thanksgiving day will be full of mostly sunny skies, with very light winds, and mild temps.

Temperatures near 33 degrees near 7am (Pivotal Weather)
3pm temperatures at 54 degrees, warmest temperatures of the day expected (Pivotal Weather)

Clouds will begin to make their way into the area again heading into the evening, beginning to cool temperatures down again. Overall, today’s weather will be perfect for a day of family, fun, and turkey of course.

Wonderful Weekend Weather (Mostly)

No significant changes will be expected Friday and into Saturday, but Sunday is when things will really start to shake up. High pressure maintained over WABBLES starting the weekend out will contain all the existing weather elements, continuing our fair weather. A low pressure system will bring a frontal system towards the area and rain along with it.

High pressure over WABBLES (WPC)

The pushing frontal system will bring less than an inch of rain on the Sunday and the messy weather should clear after this, with the fair weather returning once again.

Precipitation amounts suspected for Sunday (WPC)

That’s all for today everyone! Enjoy the quiet weather and your Thanksgiving break, and remember us at WXorNotBG are thankful for YOU and all our supporters. As always, don’t forget to follow our social media platforms to stay up to date with recent weather updates.

Me staring at the food at the gathering (GIPHY)