Good morning all of WABBLES and a happy Thursday morning to you all. We hope everyone has been enjoying the un-fall like weather recently, as it is going to be continuing for another few days. We can also expect some rain on the way as well, so dress for it and bring the umbrellas!

This is how warm I am (GIPHY)

Todays Warmth and Rain Chances

A majority of today will have fair weather, with sun breaking through the clouds in the sky here and there. Winds wil also be a bit breezy today, making the warm temps not feel as bad, and a bit more fall like. We can expect highs today near the 80’s, and lows of just around mid 60’s, if thats any consolation for just how warm WABBLES is.

High temperatures for today (Pivotal Weather)

The most recent surface analysis shows WABBLES and Kentucky still within high pressure, which is also helping fuel the warmer temperatures for quite some time. However, starting within the night, higher rain chances will be heading towards us due to a cold front/low pressure system beginning to push its way to the east.

High pressure surface analysis (WPC)

Weekend Rain Showers

Rain chances will be significantly higher early Friday, with WABBLES experiencing rain near the afternoon. Rain will continue to be off and on throughout the whole weekend, but the most rain occurence will be within Saturday and Sunday. Throughout this period, temperatures will remain relatively the same due to cloud cover and a few other factors.

Rain Chances Friday (Pivotal Weather)
Rain Saturday Night Into Sunday (Pivotal Weather)

Colder Temperatures Into Next Week

Finally, Sunday’s temperatures will begin cooling off again due to the cold front finally passing through WABBLES. Being a slow moving front, this is what will continue to bring rain into Monday morning, yet also bring highs just near the 50’s and lows into the 40’s yet again. Next week is definitely a time to bundle up in those costumes!

Cold front passed us on Monday (WPC)
High near 50 on Monday (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today WABBLES! Don’t forget your umbrellas this weekend, and the bundle up this Halloween! As always, follow us on our social media platforms for the most recent weather updates, and have a great Thursday!

Me when next week comes (GIPHY)