Happy Thursday and a good morning to all you in the WABBLES community! Today we can expect very clear and shiny skies, but tomorrow we’re in for a shower or two in the start of the weekend. Fun fact: It’s National Farmer’s day today, so thank you to all of our local farmers in the WABBLES community and all you do.


Warmer Temps For Today

I reckon it’s a nice day out ain’t it? Warm front that has pushed through most of the Ohio Valley will bring higher temperatures into the lower 80’s today, with lows now roughly into the upper 50’s.

Warm front lingering in the Ohio Valley (WPC)

Temperatures have roughly been in the 70’s the past few days, with lows even reaching into the 40’s, but this will be different throughout the next few days. Bowling Green and surrounding areas are expecting a high of 80o today, and temperatures finally cooling again heading into the weekend. Yee Haw!

Higher temperatures today! (Pivotal Weather)

Cold Front BRings Fall Weather Again

A cold front will begin barrelin’ its way yonder beginning Friday, making way for us to have some showers. While we’ll be getting a few rounds of precipitation, we’re actually heading towards a below-average amount of precipitation according to climatology. Throughout the weekend, we can expect less than an inch of rain altogether.

Cold front heading towards WABBLES (WPC)
Below average precipitation within the next few days. (CPC)

Due to cloud cover and rain, temperatures will not be too far apart from the daily lows. Temperatures between the three days will drop significantly from 75 on Friday, to just 60 on Sunday! We can expect the low 40’s to make their way back again on Sunday, with typical fall temperatures finally returning back.

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