Sunshine will be our company this weekend WABBLES. I hope everyone is safe and sound after the crazy weather we experienced on Thursday. Lucky for us, the rain will leave us alone for another weekend as we roll into October. The spooky month will be in full effect with festivals and sunshine for all. Get ready, your weekend starts now.


Rain to sun. its harvest season. (GIPHY)

Foggy Friday

Buckle up and drive carefully as the morning commute will start with foggy conditions before 8 am. We’ll be dealing with decreasing clouds giving way to clear skies as we progress through the day with highs in the 80s. Sunshine is all around for us so if you get the chance, head down to Sccotsville for the Community Red Cross Blood Drive this afternoon. few clouds will hang on as we head into the overnight with lows in the 50s and a light breeze.

High pressure from the north pushes south to bring calm skies (WPC)

Sunshine Saturday

Patchy fog returns for the morning hours but once again gives way to sunshine and fun times. Highs in the 80s and light northeastern winds will be perfect for those attending the international festival in Bowling Green this weekend. Winds shift to the east as few clouds remain in the skies as the day progress. lows in the 50s with mostly clear skies will set the tone for our Saturday evening.

High pressure keeps the rain away from our region for another sunny day (WPC)

Spooktober Day 1

Kick off the first day of October at Jellystone Park with mostly sunny skies to start the day. Highs in the 80s with calm skies will set the tone for the final day of the weekend for some in our region. A few clouds will block the sunshine as the day progresses giving us mostly clear skies and lows in the 50s to end the final day of our weekend.

Storms flare up in the west but the east remains calm as we start a new week. (WPC)

This concludes our weekend forecast. Take some time to go out there and enjoy the sunshine this weekend. Loads of fall festivals and Halloween events are in store for everyone as we continue to enjoy this relaxing weather. For our WKU students, take some time to unwind during the much-needed Fall Break. Until next time, Stay classy and WABBLE on.

Kick back. Relax and enjoy the sunny weekend. (GIPHY)