Aye Aye Mateys, Good Morning and a Terrific Thursday to all of WABBLES! We have a somewhat calm day in store for us, with some light rain over small areas of WABBLES very early this morning. Aside from this, most of WABBLES can expect a fairly quiet day weather wise.

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Blowing Bubbles and Mellow Mornings

This morning, the western part of WABBLES can expect a bit of light rain, and then shortly after, all of WABBLES will be partly cloudy, with decent temperatures, Most of the temperatures recently have been somewhat cooler, and they will slowly warm up over the next couple of days. Todays expected high is near the mid 80’s, with lows no longer within the 50’s.

Rain from the west into parts of WABBLES (Pivotal Weather)

The majority of the day we can expect perfect bubble-blowing weather, with perfect temperatures, light winds, and a beautiful skies. One question, “are you ready kids” for weekend showers? Because that’s what’s in store for us come Sunday….

Bubbles! (GIPHY)

Weekend Showers Puts Dent In Perfect Streak

The calm weather we’ve had recently will be put to a stop starting Sunday, when showers start rolling towards us. A frontal boundary to the west will begin bringing rain starting Sunday, lasting through a majority of next week as it continues to push through.

Not that kind of shower…. (GIPHY)

Not only will this bring rain, but will also bring relatively cooler temperatures, with highs expect3d just in the upper 70’s, much like last week. Cloud coverage will maintain a smaller difference in highs and lows, with lows in the 60’s.

Frontal system bringing rain into next week (WPC)
Temperatures in the 70’s beginning next week (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today everyone! Don’t party too hard to the jellyfish jam, and don’t forget to also follow our social media pages to receive recent weather updates, memes, and more!

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