Good morning, and a Happy Thursday to you WABBLErS! The next few days will be full sunny skies, quiet weather, and cooler temperatures than the preceding weeks have been.

A day filled with Glee (hehe puns) (GIPHY)

Thursday Highs

Today will continue to be peaceful, with high expected to only be in the mid 80’s, and a low in the mid 60’s as well. A few fair weather cumulus clouds may be present, but aside from that, skies will be bright and sunny, with fairly mild temperatures and dry. The only real prevalent thing to pay attention will be a cold front making its way towards the WABBLES region.

High Pressure over a majority of the Ohio Valley (WPC)

Friday Cold Front

The cold front on the previous picture in Nebraska will be passing WABBLES in the middle of the night (1 am Friday). More mild temperatures will follow, as this is a drier front, with no rain accompanying it here. The cooler temperatures will not feel that much of a difference during the day, however, low temperatures Friday night will be as low as 59! That’s a 7 degree temperature difference in low’s within 24 hours. High pressure will again take over immediately, lasting a few more days.

Cold front past Western Kentucky Friday morning. (WPC)

Calm Start To Fall Semester

Many students, including a majority of our WxorNot team are returning back to college, more specifically WKU this coming week. This being said, the starting week weather is looking nice and calm much like today! High temperatures beginning the week will be in the lower 90’s, and increasing gradually throughout the week.

Go Big Red! (GIPHY)

Concerning high temperatures will most likely be taking place mid-week, and have the potential for another heat advisory week in August taking place. Aside from that, nothing concerning weather wise for a quiet start of classes.

Models predicting temps mid week near 100 in WABBLES. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today WABBLES! Have a great rest of the week enjoying the nice weather, and welcome back hilltoppers! Don’t forget to follow our social media for recent weather updates.