Good morning WABBLES community!! With the longest day of the year behind us, we still see rising temperatures in our area. As Mother Nature turns up the heat, we’ll find she has other surprises in store for us. Grab an ice-cold drink and get some shade. This is your WABBLES Weekend Forecast.

Watching as Mother Nature stirs the Weather Pot (GIPHY)

Foggy to Clouds

Keeping our eyes on the road as we start our morning commute with foggy conditions that will give way to partly sunny skies. Temps in the 80s with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. A few clouds will remain in the skies with a light northwestern wind as temps drop into the 60s for our overnight.

Chance of Rain with Active Weather around the Region (WPC)

Hot Saturday

Partly cloudy conditions continue into our Saturday with the light winds shifting from northwest to west. Temps are in the 80s with a chance some areas will see 90 with humid conditions. Make sure to drink plenty of water and get some shade as temps finally drop into the 60s for the overnight with calm winds for relief.

Weak High Pressure settles in as Low Pressure to our west prepares to bring rain (WPC)

Stormy Sunday?

Chances of Thunderstorms and Showers increase as we roll into Sunday. Temps reaching 90 and possibly higher with a 40% chance of precipation. Chances for storms incease throughout the day with a slight chance of severe weather for our area. 50% chance of thunderstorms for our overnight as we end the weekend in the 60s.

Though a few days out, Severe weather chances are in our nieghborhood. (SPC)

That concludes our Weekend Forecast. Quite a few things in store for us this weekend as the temps remain on the rise. be prepared for anything and everything that Mother Nature will throw at us. From extreme heat to stormy conditions, we’ll keep everyone weather ready. Until next time, stay classy WABBLES.

If we can’t control it then we will prepare for it (GIPHY)