Apr. 17th; Very Windy, Sunny as Chill Returns Today

Good Monday morning, WABBLES and beyond! We’ve got a very windy, sunny, chilly day ahead today as Mother Nature grants us a one-day break from the heat. Though some of us may be refreshed by the cooler, calmer conditions that today has in store, I also know a few of you will be eager to […]

Rainy Weekend with Possible Harmful Winds

Goood morning WABBLES!!! We’ve got plenty of rain & storm chances to go around as we finish out the work week, and progress into the weekend. Remember to keep those raincoats and umbrellas handy. Most importantly, it’s time to make preparations for your evening plans, as an overnight severe weather threat rears its ugly head. […]

More Storm Chances This Week

Hello and good Tuesday Morning to all of you there around WABBLES! We have had a beautiful stretch of weather over the past few days that I hope everyone has enjoyed. We have even more nice weather ahead as well as more storm chances this week. Today We have a mostly uneventful day ahead of […]

Rain for Turkey Day

Good morning, WABBLES! Happy Thanksgiving Eve. We’ve been dry throughout the work week thus far, but unfortunately that doesn’t hold out for Thanksgiving as we are expecting rain for turkey day. Today’s Forecast We will enjoy one more day of dry weather and sun today before the rain moves in overnight. Expect temperatures to be […]

Active Weather Pattern For the Week

Good morning, everyone! It is officially the last Monday of October. Can you believe that? With the autumn season often comes an active jet swinging through many cold fronts across the region bringing rain and storm chances. This is exactly what will happen in the coming days as we have an active weather pattern for […]

Active Weather Pattern Clocks Out for Break

Good morning everyone. If you are tired of this active weather pattern that has taken hold over South-Central KY, then I have some good news for you. That’s right my friends: rain chances are finally easing off. Today While we are not totally getting rid of the rain chances for today, the rain chances we […]

Well, It’s Summer Now

Good Thursday Morning WABBLES! I hope you all are having a great week and morning so far. There is very little to talk about in this blog post, in fact, the weather for the near future can be summed up in one sentence: It’s Summer now. Today The main story for today, and really the […]

Mother’s Day Washout

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! We thank you for spending part of your morning with us on wxornotbg.com! We have active weather to talk about as today is setting up to be a “Mother’s Day Washout”. Right Now A strong complex of thunderstorms that moved through the Show Me State […]

Wet & Stormy Weekend Ahead

Good Saturday Morning WABBLES! I hope you have all had a great end to your work week and are ready for the weekend to begin. Although it may be the weekend, it may not be very pleasant with the rain, storms, and mild temperatures ahead. Today Not a whole lot to discuss today, rain chances […]