Apple Computer Could Improve Forecasting

Pressure is arguably the most important meteorological variable when it comes to weather forecasting; pressure drives wind, and wind drives temperature change and storm systems. The phones in the iPhone 6 series all contain pressure sensors, which if used correctly, could help meteorologists initialize our weather models. With Apple’s prevalence around the world, the company […]

Investing in Forecast Research

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang put out a recent article featuring guest commentary from Thomas Bogdan, President of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. In this article, Bogdan stresses the importance of continued investment in weather forecast research for the well-being of our society. The reason this topic came about is because the Federal […]

NOAA To Invest In Weather Models

In somewhat of a surprising and good move, NOAA showed this morning that they are willing to step up to the plate and at least try to match their European counterparts in terms of computer modeling!   Timed with Dr Sullivan’s #AMS2015 keynote, @NOAA announces investment in 10-fold increase in computing power by October. $44.5M. — […]