Snow Rollers in Colorado

In Windsor, Colorado, people woke up to seeing dozens of snowballs scattered all over their yards. Wind-blown snowballs in Windsor, Colorado. Courtesy, Jenny Woytassek Mother Nature has really outdone herself this time! Just like you would roll snow together to form a snowball, wind can blow “snowballs” together and create what are called snow rollers. […]

Wacky Weather in Des Moines

Wednesday in Des Moines, Iowa, a very strong low pressure system headed east out of the Rocky Mountains into the Des Moines area, producing heavy snow on the western side of the state, as shown in the tweet below. Six hours earlier, severe thunderstorms producing tornadoes occurred on the eastern side of the state. Nebraska […]

Cyclone Megh To Possibly Hit Yemen

Another tropical cyclone is forecasted to possibly follow a similar trajectory toward Yemen one week after cyclone Chapala made landfall. According to an article by The Weather Channel, cyclone Megh is over 600 miles east of Socotra Island, near the mainland Yemen. Via The Weather Channel According to the models, cyclone Megh is expected to […]

Cyclone Chapala Hits Yemen

Cyclone Chapala, the first hurricane-strength storm on record in Yemen, made landfall early Tuesday morning. It was forecasted to have gusty winds, but, specifically, to bring in a massive amount of rain. According to the Capital Weather Gang, this region receives less than 4 inches of rain per year. 17 HOURS of #Chapala results in […]

80-Degree Weather Road Trip

Earlier this month, a climatologist by the name of Brian Brettschneider constructed a 70-degree road trip – one that allows you to vacation in 70° weather the entire year. An editor from the Capital Weather Gang asked Brettschneider to then create a 80-degree road trip; the following map is what he came up with. To construct this […]

Another Dry Day On Tap

Real Time Regional Radar: ———————————————————————————- Today 6/18 – Partly Cloudy – High 92° / Tonight – Clearing Skies – Low 72° 6am 70˚ – 9am 81˚ – 12pm 89˚ – 3pm 92˚ – 6pm 89˚ The weather story will remain much the same across the region as it has the last few days. There is […]

Wx Or Not App For iPhone

We are very happy to announce that the Wx Or Not Bowling Green app has been reviewed and made available in the iTunes store. The app provides quick, up-to-minute updates of current weather conditions in Bowling Green, including temperature, dewpoint, real feel, relative humidity, wind direction & speed, barometric pressure, visibility, precipitation types & amounts […]