Stop What You’re Doing and Check out This Waterspout

In only the second coolest thing I have seen all week (the first was the Phoenix microburst), twin waterspouts formed off of the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina this morning. Waterspouts this morning at Hilton Head SC… photo from Nicole Smith — James Spann (@spann) July 21, 2016 These formed underneath of a […]

Navarre, Florida Waterspout Well Documented

A waterspout occurred earlier today off the coast of Navarre, Florida. The Navarre, Florida waterspout was very well documented as Twitter was full of pictures of the large waterspout. Waterspouts are much like tornadoes, only they form over water, often times without the presence of a mesocyclone. Waterspouts are often much weaker than tornadoes. Check […]

Storms Rock Portions of Europe

The U.S. isn’t the only place seeing vigorous thunderstorms of late, places in Europe have been seeing some spectacular storms. Here lately, it seems like Germany, Croatia, and Italy have seen the strongest storms, and they have turned out quite beautiful. Check out the stunning photos via Twitter for yourself! A majestic shelf cloud near […]

Waterspout Over Mobile Bay

A beautiful waterspout was sighted over Mobile Bay, AL this afternoon. Waterspouts are much like tornadoes, only often times much weaker and form with water instead of land. Check out the picture and video below.   Waterspout over Mobile Bay this afternoon… photo from Murey Robbins #alwx — James Spann (@spann) June 27, 2014 […]