The Week in Photos

The past week has been greatly affected by snow, not only here in Bowling Green, but cities across the nation. While Jonas, Snowzilla, Snowmaggedon, or whatever you called the system that rocked the region, may be finally going out of style (or at least melting); I’m here to bring it back. Several days after the […]

California Drought Improvement

The recent rains in California have helped alleviate the drought, but an exceptional drought still covers much of the area.   Here is a look at what the drought looked like last week. Much improvement, especially in the northern parts of California, but still a long way to go.   More rain is heading toward […]

Powerful Storm to Impact the West Coast

A powerful storm that is currently situated over the Pacific Ocean will move onshore tomorrow and bring high winds, heavy rain, and significant snowfall (at higher elevations) to portions of the west coast. An associated cold front will begin to slam Washington, Oregon, and California with high winds and heavy precipitation tomorrow. High wind warnings are in […]

Washington Tornado

A rare Washington tornado occurred today. The tornado occurred earlier this afternoon in Longview, Washington. There was some damage caused by the tornado. However, no fatalities or injuries have been noted to the public. On average, Washington only gets around 2 tornadoes per year. Twitter erupted with damage pictures and the Washington tornado was actually […]

Dust Storm Hits Near Spokane

A dust storm occurred near Spokane, Washington yesterday as a result of some severe thunderstorms in the area, and apparently some dry soil I would imagine. What’s interesting about this is typically dust storms, also referred to as Haboobs, usually occur in the desert southwest. Phoenix, Arizona, for example, we hear about them all the […]

Fire Weather Danger Threatens West

A combination of very dry conditions and thunderstorm chances has prompted a threat for fire weather over much of the pacific northwest. Check out all of the red flag warnings currently in effect as of 2pm CST: The main cause for these fire weather concerns is the ongoing drought out west. Check out the current […]

Air Quality Alerts

Many of the surrounding areas are beginning to see some air pollution issues due to the lack of rain. Here’s todays air quality forecast showing good air quality in unshaded areas, moderate in yellow, and unhealthy for sensitive groups in orange. It is interesting that there is a small pocket of good quality forecasted just to […]

Washington Wildfires

Here’s a closeup from the 438-mile high satellite. Lots of smoke coming from Chelan & Okanogan Counties. #wawx — NWS Spokane (@NWSSpokane) July 17, 2014 Other areas being affected are Oregon and well north into Canada: Here’s a look at where all the smoke is coming from. #mtwx #idwx #Montana #Idaho #mtfire #idfire #bcwx […]

Hurricanes With Feminine Names More Deadly?

The Washington Post recently posted a piece online claiming that hurricanes with feminine names are more deadly.  They have interesting data that supports their claim.  The article included the following: “People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study. Female-named storms have […]

Visible Satellite

Sometimes visible satellite imagery is good for things other than looking at clouds. I was glancing over the satellite data around noon and caught this incredible satellite image over southwestern Kentucky, northwest Tennessee, northeast Arkansas, and southeast Missouri. The image above depicts the melting snow and sleet as seen from visible satellite. The skies around […]