Scud Season Is Upon Us

With a warm, soupy air mass in place this time of year, conditions become ripe for rogue, “pop up” thunderstorm development. With summer creeping up, it’s safe to say, scud season is upon us. What’s Scud? The official definition for scud, taken from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, is as follows: Scud (or Fractus) […]

KYTC District 3 Snow Fighting Convoy Is Awesome

Check out this awesome video displaying a convoy of snow fighting plows leading traffic down I-65 in Bowling Green this morning. Post by KYTC District 3. How cool is that!? To keep up with road and travel conditions in south central Kentucky, stay in touch with the Kentucky Department of Transportation District 3 on Facebook […]

Columbia, Mississippi Tornado Video

Check out this insane video footage of the Columbia, MS EF3 tornado that hit on December 23rd, 2014.  The tornado claimed four lives and injures many others in the process.  There are a couple of Columbia, Mississippi tornado videos out there, however, none are quite this close. This was shot at a Bumper to Bumper […]

Storm Video Is Epic

Check out this amazing spectacle of a production from Nicolaus Wegner of LightAlive Photography.  This storm video is epic, plain and simple. This collection of photos, time lapses and videos were collected across the Midwest throughout this past year.  These captures are absolutely breathtaking! Stormscapes 2 from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

Soccer Player Struck By Lightning

This past weekend at  Copa Peru (a soccer tournament in Peru), a thunderstorm resulted in a soccer player struck by lightning.  The incredible thing is, there’s actually footage from the unfortunate accident. Sport Aguila left-back Joao Contreras was struck by lightning just before kickoff to the second half (Fox Soccer Blog).  Check out the footage […]

Slow Motion Raindrop

I ran across this interesting piece on Gizmodo this morning, which included an amazing slow motion raindrop video.  The footage showcases the impact rain has on microscopic glass beads, which is similar to the impact it has on sand, as the rain effects what lies beneath.  The following was taken from Gizmodos write-up… There’s little […]