Rainy Week Continues

Real-time radar: Today: Cloudy, with rain showers most of the day. Highs will be around 62ºF. Tonight: Rain. Lows around 59ºF. Hey, Patricia! Nice to see you. You were once a hurricane? Oh, well, you’re now a pretty solid extratropical cyclone! Give yourself a pat on the back. In all reality, though, we are gonna […]

The Northeast Is Bracing For Another Big Snow

After two consecutive weeks of fairly significant winter storms across the Northeastern United States, it is looking like they are bracing for another significant winter storm. Winter storm watches are already out along a line from Buffalo, New York to Boston, Massachusetts and northward from there. Accumulations are expected to only added up on top of […]

World Cup Forecast

  The United States will take on Germany at 11am CST/noon EST today in Recife, Brazil. The teams will play at Arena Pernambuco at 1pm local time, as Recife is one hour ahead of the eastern time zone. Even though Recife sits less than 600 miles south of the equator, this is the farthest south that the […]

El Niño Impacts On The USA

El Niño is a climate concept that occurs when the tropical Pacific Ocean waters become warmer than average.  It has been known to play a part in producing extreme weather events across the US, while also altering our climate to some degree. I know all of this weather and climate mumbo-jumbo can get confusing, but […]