Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you across WABBLES and around! I hope everyone is ready for a great Turkey Day with friends, family, copious amounts of food, and a quick weather update from your friends at WxornotBG. Today As I mentioned in the last blog post, we are tracking the chances for rain starting today […]

Brief Dry Period Before Rain Returns

Happy Monday, everyone! We officially made it to Thanksgiving week. I can smell the turkey now! This weekend marked the beginning of a more active weather pattern for Kentucky. This week we can expect a brief dry period before rain returns. High Pressure Takes Over Replacing the cold front that pushed through yesterday is a […]

Cold Thanksgiving; Warm After That

Cold air has arrived, will hang around through Thanksgiving. Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Cold is Here…Already. The cold front pushed through the region last night and the cold has settled into the region. Temperatures are currently around 31° and we’re only forecasting a high of 44°, despite mostly sunny skies. […]

A Cold Turkey Day is in Store

Warmer today, much colder Wednesday into Thanksgiving Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Relative Warm up Today We’re starting out this stretch of days leading up to Thanksgiving in the upper 30s across the region. Our winds have shifted to the southwest, which is key to a nice warm up today. As […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Your Thanksgiving Forecast

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s weather was really crummy, to be honest. But the thing I am most mad/shocked about: it hit 68°F. I have absolutely no idea how in the world that happened. I really don’t. Such is life. Meteorology will never cease to amaze me. Forecast Summary Thanksgiving Day: Cloudy, drizzly […]

Thankful for the Rain for Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Ahh, the day before a nice rainfall. Yesterday had the classics of one! It became cloudy by the evening, and the temperature was warmer than the preceding days. The highs hit the upper 50s (Humble brag: I got the temp exactly right and I am very excited about […]

Turkey Is In The Forecast

Today: Mostly sunny, with a high of 57ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows around 37ºF. Well, for many of us, Thanksgiving really kicks in today. That gets me hype, and it should you too. So here are a few things to get you excited. Now are you pumped? Thats what I thought. With the weather the […]

Video: Tornado Hits Istanbul

A tornado impacted Istanbul, Turkey earlier today.  Check out these videos (a few too close for comfort)… When a tornado hits a populated area these days, it’s captured from many angles. The population of Istanbul is estimated at ~14.1 million people. Tornadoes are witnessed from time to time in southern Turkey, however, they are quite […]