Wild and Windy WABBLES Weather (Saturday Morning Severe Threat)

We have already got quite a bit going this Saturday morning with wind gusts approaching 50mph and strong storms moving across western Kentucky. A wind advisory is in effect through Saturday night. There has been one storm near Benton, East of Paducah, that has produced severe wind as well as a couple tornado-warned circulations. Weak […]

Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Blizzard Warnings Overlap in Kansas

It’s odd, but not completely rare. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Blizzard Warnings overlapped on the weather map today. I remember similar instances happening last spring, or perhaps the spring before. Social media was pretty hype about it too.   Snow, Blizzards, Tornadoes Just another day on the high plains. pic.twitter.com/lTjrLttq0z — Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) November […]

50 Years Since Palm Sunday Outbreak

This past weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the Palm Sunday Outbreak – one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in history. This outbreak took place April 11-12, 1965, and dropped 47 tornadoes that killed more than 270 people in the Midwest. The Palm Sunday Outbreak was a “classic setup”, meaning that forecasters knew far in […]

Washington D.C. Tornado Warning

Today was a historic day for the nation, National Weather Service, and weather in general. Why was today so historic, you ask? Well the Washington D.C tornado warning that occurred at 12:25 PM ET this afternoon was the first tornado warning ever issued for the nation’s capital. The graphic below shows that this is indeed […]

Tornado-Warned Storm Impacts Boston

Severe storms have been impacting the Northeast this afternoon and over the last hour a rare event occurred when a tornado warning was issued for Boston. This tornado warning is no longer in effect for Boston, but check out what the radar looked like at 5:51 EST as a supercell tracked over the northern part […]