Beautiful Monsoon Timelapse Video

Southwest monsoon storm chaser and photographer, Mike Oblinski, posted a beautiful timelapse earlier this month showing off his best 55,000 frames from his summer chase. Oblinski has been chasing monsoons in Arizona for 6-7 years, and chased for a total of 48 days this past season. During the summer months in Arizona, winds shift from […]

Blackhawk, SD Supercell Timelapse

Blackhawk, SD Supercell Timelapse: Yesterday, just east of Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota, a beautiful, low-precipitation supercell thunderstorm developed.  Luckily for us, Dan McKemy uploaded this amazing timelapse of the storm for our viewing pleasure.  Look at that amazing structure and rotation.  Impressive, indeed!

Sunset Timelapse over Hood River & Mt Hood

I’m always on the lookout for new photographers to showcase on the blog. A majority of time these are either local folks or storm chasers. This time, I bring you a photographer from the Pacific Northwest. Blaine Franger has been producing some of the best nature photographs from the Pacific Northwest for quite some time. […]