May 22nd; Perfect Sunny Monday to Start the Week

Good Monday morning, WABBLES and company! We hope you enjoyed the weekend, because the weather here in southcentral Kentucky is about to get even better. Near-perfect late spring conditions are in the forecast for the rest of our week, with sun and heat dominating the headlines through Friday. Let’s break it all down together in […]

More Sun on the Way

Good Morning to everyone out there across WABBLES! I am bringing you your daily weather update that thankfully has more sun in the forecast. So, for those of you reading this that are students (including me), at least we will have another few days of sun while we suffer through finals. Sunshine Ahead So, today […]

May 1st; New Month, New Pattern; Clear Skies for Finals!

Happy First of May, WABBLES peeps! As we enter into this new month, a new weather pattern follows; with no significant storm systems expected in the near future, our WKU friends should expect some perfectly clear, sunny skies for finals week. And for our non-student audience, we’re sure that you’ll be able to enjoy this […]

Temperatures on the Rise

Good Tuesday Morning my friends! I hope everyone out there across WABBLES has had a great start to the week. We don’t have a whole lot to talk about as far as weather goes this week, but we will have temperatures on the rise. Today Today will be much warmer out there with highs getting […]

More Storms Already in 2023

Good Tuesday Morning my friends! I hope everyone is doing well after the rounds of rain and storms we experienced last night and that are currently ongoing. We have more rain and storms to track for today as well as another low-end severe weather threat. Yay… more storms already in 2023. Current Well this has […]

Rain and Strong Storms Possible this Week

Happy Monday to y’all across WABBLES, I hope everyone is bearing the cold right now, but rest assured, more warmth is coming. Well, warmth along with rain and storm chances. Today Not a whole lot to talk about in terms of a forecast for today, things will remain quiet with no disturbances marching through other […]

Snow Today & Quiet This Weekend

Good Friday Morning WABBLES! I hope everyone has enjoyed the fairly quiet work week and are ready for a quiet and relaxing weekend ahead of us. Today While yes, there is more snow in the forecast, it is not something I would be overly concerned about. The biggest thing to note is that a couple […]

From Snow to Rain and Sleds to Boats

Happy Friday people of WABBLES! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable day with the snowfall yesterday. We have another weather event on the horizon, but for now, we have perfect weather to enjoy the snow. Today The biggest headline for today will be the brutal cold, especially in the morning. Temps will rise […]

Temps on the Rise Again

Good Friday Morning friends! I hope you all have enjoyed the jump to much colder temps this week. If you haven’t, don’t worry, there is a small warm up on the way. Today The main focus for today and the next few days will be that of a high pressure system to our north that […]