Nothin’ But 90’s Ahead

It’s hot. It’s muggy. With nothin’ but 90’s ahead, summer has arrived in Kentucky. Time to prep the pool and apply the sunscreen while watching the skies for pop-up showers. Hot with Pop-up Showers Today and Tomorrow Get ready to sweat it out as we will reach the humid low 90’s for highs both today […]

Storm Chase Day 3: Waynoka, Oklahoma

Thursday was one of the best days of my life. It was a rewarding day after putting in hours of work on analysis, hand analysis and just thinking about the forecast in general. We began the Storm Chase in Woodward, Oklahoma looking to figure out where in the world we were gonna go. It was an extremely […]

WKU Storm Chase Recap: Day 1

Well, as many of you know, myself and contributor Jessica Dobson are currently in the plains to storm chase with the WKU Storm Chase Class! We left May 15th, and will be out on the Great Plains (absolutely beautiful, by the way) for two weeks. I thought it would be cool and interesting to give the readers […]

WKU Storm Chase Students Having Success Early

The WKU Meteorology program is one that I am very proud of. As a student, I take significant pride in having excellent professors, students and being ahead of the game in all things meteorology. We have successful alumni, and are continuing to have success with current students and their research, forecasting, etc. One of the […]

Beautiful Monsoon Timelapse Video

Southwest monsoon storm chaser and photographer, Mike Oblinski, posted a beautiful timelapse earlier this month showing off his best 55,000 frames from his summer chase. Oblinski has been chasing monsoons in Arizona for 6-7 years, and chased for a total of 48 days this past season. During the summer months in Arizona, winds shift from […]

WKU Storm Chase Starts Today

The annual WKU Storm Chase kicks off today, with Dr. Joshua Durkee and Dr. Grady Dixon leading the charge.  Eight of WKU’s finest meteorology students will join the chase team as they take off toward the plains this morning. The course, Field Methods in Weather Analysis & Forecasting, will put the students in a real-time […]