Hurricane Olaf Is Rolling Out In The Central Pacific

Over the past couple days, the central and eastern Pacific Ocean basins have seen an uptick in tropical activity, with two tropical systems forming, and one becoming a hurricane. Hurricane Olaf is now a major hurricane, with estimated sustained winds at 150 mph over the central Pacific. Luckily, this is churning over open waters, and […]

NOAA Satellites Capture Algae Bloom

NOAA satellites are usually used to give us a view of the atmosphere, however visible satellite imagery has great resolution and often detects othrt interesting phenomena as well. Lately, satellites have become helpful in monitoring algae blooms in the Great Lakes. Using satellite data in conjunction with weather observations, NOAA researchers have found a way to forecast […]

Wildfire Smoke Is Visible Across Kentucky And Beyond

Check out this map from the NOAA Satellite Services Division showing active wildfires in the country and areas that are seeing smoke from those wildfires. This map was released at 5:30 P.M. CST today and it indicates that south central Kentucky has some thin smoke in the atmosphere. Anywhere there is a red dot on […]

Satellite Captures Smoke in Western Canada.

NOAA satellites captured this impressive photo of dense smoke across western and central Canada yesterday. The red dots you see on the image are active wildfires in northwest Canada. Northwesterly winds helped to carry the areas of smoke south and east across Canada. Currently, the heaviest smoke is in the Northwest Territories, but the main […]