What is all the Buzz on the Saharan Dust?

Most of you have probably already heard the buzz around the Saharan dust that is making its way westward across the Atlantic. There are lots of questions on where these dust plumes are headed and what their affect will be on us. This post should hopefully answer those questions on the Saharan dust! What is […]

What’s Going On In The Tropics?

It’s been awhile since our last look at the tropics and not much has changed. The Atlantic remains relatively quiet for now,  and in the latest update from the National Hurricane Center there are no hurricanes, tropical storms or depressions. There are two areas in the Atlantic Ocean the NHC will be monitoring for further […]

Tropical Update

Most of this weekend’s weather headlines have featured severe weather that has been ongoing across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Elsewhere across the world, there has been some tropical activity in both ocean basins. Earlier today, the National Hurricane Center marked an area of showers in the center of the Atlantic Ocean as an item of […]