Arctic Air Taking Over

How about that ride in? Few things are as thrilling & exhilarating as a good ole fashioned ride on the Kentucky Weather rollercoaster, amirite?! Snow reports of roughly 1-2″ were taken across much of the WABBLES community, on target with our forecast. A few have managed to squeeze out a bit more. The story now […]

Mild Temps and Clouds Stick Around

Good Sunday morning! Welcome to a new week. After the wild morning we had yesterday, things look to calm down a bit for a few days. The wind and rain looks to move out, but the mild temps and clouds stick around. Slight Cool Off We’ve had some very warm temperatures recently, so warm that […]

Isolated Hail Possible This Evening

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Good evening folks! Showers and thunderstorms have formed to the west and southwest of the region. Given a combination of instability and moderate lapse rates across the region, a few of the showers and thunderstorms may produce some hail. Very isolated reports of severe hail (> 1″ in diameter) […]

Texas And Oklahoma Were A Lake Last Month

Much like our weather pattern in April, Oklahoma and Texas saw copious amounts of rain last month. And I actually think that copious is an understatement. System after system impacted the states, and they dumped rain. With a wide open Gulf of Mexico to work with, combined with a stream of pacific moisture, the region […]

NCDC Releases Statistics from Past Meteorological Winter

The winter season southern Kentucky has experienced over the past few months may be regarded extreme by some to due to a couple of significant storms occurring late in the season.  The NCDC has released climate data showing how states’ temperatures and precipitation totals fared compared to normal. Since the NCDC uses meteorological winter as […]

Record Heat in Phoenix!!!

There were some errors with the surface observations a few days ago in Phoenix, Arizona. The National Weather Service surface observations experienced several crazy temperature spikes. Watch how Cory McCloskey, a TV meteorologist at Fox 10 News handled the mess during a live broadcast. Kudos to this guy for the great improvisation!

Icy Rose Bowl

Pasadena, California will be the site of tomorrow’s playoff matchup in the Rose Bowl between Florida State and Oregon. Fans were surprised to find rare snowfall and freezing temperatures in southern California this morning. Yes. These's ice sheets on the tarp of the #RoseBowl… A fine SoCal winter morning. — George Whitfield Jr. (@georgewhitfield) […]

Over 50 Inches of Snow Hits Wisconsin Community

If you’re a snow lover down here in Bowling Green, I may suggest a change of residence – Gile, Wisconsin. Gile, which is considered more like a neighborhood than a town in the city of Montreal, picked up 50.1 inches of snow from the morning of November 10 through the morning of November 14. That’s […]

Meteorological Bomb in the North Pacific

Meteorological Bomb North Pacific – Typhoon Nuri could become the strongest extratropical storm on record for the North Pacific as it explodes into a meteorological “bomb” over the next few days. According to NOAA, a meteorological bomb (bomb cyclone) is “an extratropical area of low pressure in which the central pressure drops at least 24 […]