Eyes Are On Hurricane Ian

It goes without saying, but with a quiet weather pattern dominating here locally, all eyes are on Hurricane Ian. Strengthening to a border-line Category 5 overnight, with sustained winds of 155 mph, southwest Florida is expected to see devastating impacts later today into tonight.

Winter Cold Snap Arrives; Snow Chances Await

It’s been an interesting day throughout south central Kentucky. Temperature readings in the low 60s during the predawn hours took a hard tumble thanks to a passing cold front, putting temps in the mid to upper 30s as of 5:30pm. Cold Is Here To Stay The passing of this morning’s cold front is the initial […]

More Summer In The Forecast

Real-time radar: Today: Partly sunny, with scattered showers & storms – high of 88ºF. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with widely scattered storms. Low of 74ºF. Today is looking better than I anticipated it to in my forecast from yesterday morning, which is good if you like summer. Its definitely gonna be a page out of the “Stereotypical […]

Scattered Storms To Rule The Forecast

Real Time BG Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with scattered storms in the afternoon. A few may be severe. High of 84ºF. Tonight: A few storms remaining, with mostly cloudy skies. Low of 65ºF. Well, well, well. Looks like we are looking at a different pattern now! After days of sweltering heat the past month, we […]

Incredible Weather Continuing

Today: Fantastic and sunny. High of 85ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low of 56ºF. Good day, ye old chaps! Thou hast cometh to an excellent…..I tried. There aren’t any good Old English Translators on the computer. I was gonna do this whole posts entirely in Old English, but it was too hard. So, to keep […]