WxOrNotBG Tweets Of The Week

There are an endless amount of weather tweets that are sent out everyday. Whether it’s a puffy cumulus cloud or a beautiful sunset, there are a million (that might be literal) to go around. Now, some are quality, quality tweets. Others are….well, others are interesting. Either way, there are always great tweets out there. Here […]

Relatively Quiet Forecast In Mostly GIFs

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Mostly sunny, with a chance of an evening storm. High of 86ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with a muggy low of 65ºF.  Well, yesterday was pretty wild! Just check out some of these shots from the region (with a major shoutout to the Twitter accounts of some major writers for WxOrNot).   Shelf cloud outside Plano, KY as […]

Texas And Oklahoma Were A Lake Last Month

Much like our weather pattern in April, Oklahoma and Texas saw copious amounts of rain last month. And I actually think that copious is an understatement. System after system impacted the states, and they dumped rain. With a wide open Gulf of Mexico to work with, combined with a stream of pacific moisture, the region […]

Bowling Green Weather Flips On US

Real-Time BG Radar: This Afternoon: Mostly sunny and cold. Temps around 34ºF. Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low of 22ºF. First of all, Happy Weather Person’s Day to the whole crew of writers we have here! This is a day of celebration, and I think meteorologists should have a day off. But, because the weather never […]